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Political mafia depopulates the country. Within one year, 13,000 fewer children in the first grade. Edi Rama hidesthe true figures.

Besa Shahini refutes Edi Rama’s claim, the Prime Minister increased the number of
students by 70,000 to hide the fatal consequences of mafia government, 27% less students
during the last 8 years. Discover the most awful national tragedy.

Albania kicked off the new 2019-2020 school year today, bringing to light one of the most
awful national tragedies ever produced by Edi Rama and his gang. This day could not pass
without the good wishes offered by the leader of Rilindja (Renaissance) gang, Edi Rama, who
even today did not spare the lies to hide one of the most fatal consequences caused by his
mafia government, that is, the depopulation of Albania due to the theft of public assets and
state budget money.

In his felicitations, Edi Rama says that today 455,000 students started the
new school year, from the first grade to the twelfth grade. Rama increased the real number of
the students by 70,000. “Good morning, together with these 10 stars who shine with their
example in every subject, I wish a very successful school year to all of the 455,000 students
from the first to the twelfth grade, to the teachers and parents across Albania.

But the Ministry of Education says that the number is much lower, refuting Rama’s claim.
According to the Ministry of Education, today, the real number of students who have started
the new school year is 386,000 and not 455,000 as Rama claims.

The invasion of the public
administration from the rulers’ family members and lovers, the lack of foreign investigations
due to corruption, the theft of half of the state budget each ear, the theft of national assets, tax
increases, health system deterioration, experiments on education, criminalization of the state
etc., have caused thousands of Albanian families to leave the country.

During the eight last years, the number of students from the first to the twelfth grade,
according to the Ministry of Education, has fallen by 27%. Thus, the schools have 13,000
fewer children in their classrooms during the 2019-2020 school year. If the Albanians do not
become aware to banish the ruling gang and the thieves who are waiting in the opposition to
assume power, Albania will be dominated only by the ruling caste and the slaves working for

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