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The “godfather” of PPP Milot – Balldren and Edi Rama, taken hostage by Sali Berisha’s oligarch.

It is surprising that the “blameless brave man”, GramozRuçi, scowled and removed from the voting the request to dismiss his friend, Arben Malaj; in the agenda of the session dictated by the oligarchs, Rrok Gjoka, Ndue Kola and Milo Gjikuria, instead of removing the project-crime of 2 thievish concessions, presented by the unscrupulous mafia government gang“Rama-Balla-Gjiknuri-Ahmetaj”, who during the 6 years of power have stolen 1.3 billion euros from Albanians through fictitious tenders and PPPs for 10-45 years.

During the last session, the parliament of Rilindja’s“obedient” MPs, who were bought and sold 100 times, committed a serious crime against the national economy and welfare, by voting for the huge theft of 342 million euros, staged and ordered as a PPP, by the government’s mafia gang: Rama-Balla-Gjiknuri-Ahmetaj.”
After voting in the parliament, Minister Balluku started the procedures of drafting a concession contract with the oligarchs, uncle-nephew, Rrok Gjoka and Ndue Kola, hidden behind his brother, Agim Kola, who appears as the owner of “AKN” company, which was given the 13-year concession for the construction and maintenance of Milot-Balldren road worth 260 million euros, for a length of 17.3 km, 4 times more expensive than the real value.
What is scandalous is the fact that is that this road of “gold” with the price set by Rama, which is given to the former Socialist Party’s deputy, Ndue Kola, under the name of a ghost company belonging to his brother, Agim Kola, according to the draft voted in parliament which Ruçi did not read during the session, turns out to be built by another ghost company “BardhKonstruksion”, owned by Ndue Kola’s brother, established and registered at the National Registering Center on 29.10.2018 with no recordings of any other works, and a balance sheet stating “zero” capital.
According to the register in the National Registering Center, this ghost firm was deliberately established for Milot-Balldren Concession, 7 months before the parliament would votefor the concession; and is 100% owned by Bardhok Kola, who is the brother of the owner of AKN company, Agim Kola and the former deputy Ndue Kola of Milot-Balldrenroad, who are the nephews of the oligarch of “Arbri Road”, Rrok Gjoka and relatives of Gaz Demi.
According to the concessionary draft, voted in the parliament, which GramozRuçi“forgot” to read; it turns out that even the concession’s road “Yacht Harbor-OrikumShënElizë Bridge (Dukat)”, which is given to the oligarch Milo Gjikuria, will be constructed by the ghost company “Orikum-Llogara Company Ltd”, which does not appear registered neitherin the National Registering Center, tax administration, social insurance, nor in the register of infrastructure businesses in Balluku’s ministry.
The two concessions given to Ndue Kola and Milo Gjikurijust for decoration, are made a law with 79 deputy votes for the Milot-Balldren road and 77 deputy votes for Orikum-Himara road, but in fact, they were just thefts covered by the parliament laws, made by the mafia group Rama-Balla-Gjiknuri-Ahmetaj, who used the mask Ndue Kola and Milo Gjikuri, who receive only 10% of the profits and 20% of VAT reimbursement.


1. In addition to Edi Rama and his group of PPP realtors in the government dome, the main beneficiary is SandërFrangaj, Edi Rama’s “the godfather”, for the 260 million euro concession in Milot-Balldren and a relative and construction partner in inert soil transport, with the oligarch Ndue Kola, the ShkëlqimFusha and BashkimUlaj.
2. We will bring evidence that the oligarch, or Milo Gjikuria“the wolf”, is just the “facade” of the theft at the Orikum-Himara Road Concession, since the true beneficiaries are family members of the prime minister and 2 deputies of Vlora, his middlemen.
3. We will bring evidence regarding the origin of 342 million euros, which will be found by Bardhok Kola from Mëzi in Puka, who lives in a 72 m2 (1 floor) house in Bathore, and who does not even have a personal bank account number; but we will also give evidence on the origin of the millions of euros found by Milo Gjikuria, who has 48 loans transferred to 210 warrantors and 53 debts from 300-500 thousand euros to smugglers and criminals, including Geron Xhafaj ( 280 thousand euros from drugs); who “knock” on his door very often, but who are “kept under the control” of the former mayor of Vlora, realtor ArdiVeliu.
4. We will bring evidence aboutthe ties of Etilda Gjonaj from Puka, Donika Prela who is married in Puka and Arta Marku, from Mirdita and who is a niece in Puka with the oligarchs from Puka Ndue Kola, Agim Kola, Bardhok Kola and Rrok Gjoka./Pamfleti

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