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Fighting over the “tray”causes each year $20millionat Albanians’ expense

The State Supreme Audit confirms once again that the three organized PS-PD-LSI gangs are the worst in Albania. These three gangs, which are actually one, but which are divided formally in order to rule, have been plundering and ruling Albania for 30 years, by being rotated in power and escaping punishment. They steal and hold the future of the country hostage, and every now and thencause political crises, accusing each other as responsible. In this way, the three gangs continue to keep the Albanians divided and numb their minds, as the only way to continue to rule and steal. Only the Albanians’ awareness and the awakening from the “anesthesia” can overthrow these three gangs. But until then, the consequences of the three gangs’ mafia activities will be catastrophic.

The three gangs fighting over the administration, which Edi Rama calls a “tray”, cause each year $ 20 millionat Albanians’ expense. When the “tray” is taken by one of the gangs, it removes the slaves of the other gang and appoints its own. While the leaders of the gang make their lovers and their family members part of that “tray”. Those who leave win the court cases and return to work and get compensation. The vacancies are busy so Albanians pay two to five people for a job position. All this mafia activity of the three gangs is at the Albanians’ expense, as their money constitutes the state budget. The other dark side is that no one is responsible for this harm.

The State Supreme Audit says the cost of this masquerade is $20 million each year. “Judicial decisions on dismissals  continue to have negative effects on the state budget, over $ 20million annually, failing to take appropriate measures from budget institutions to accommodate the case winners despite the vacancies and thus allowing the accumulation of salaries payable for each job position.


The State Supreme Audit has found out they are not reported and are not declared in final court decisionsas an expense in violation of Article 61 of Law No. 9936, dated 26.06.2008 “On the Management of the Budgetary System in the Republic of Albania”, as amended. This creates the conditions for the accumulation of default interest due to the delay in their settlement, the underestimation of the expenses of the year and the deficit of the budget year, the payment of execution fees as a result of voluntary non-execution of decisions and the breakdown of settlement decisions and choosiness in the selection of the payment decisions (failure to comply withFIFO).


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