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Albania, with a criminal regime, with a prime minister who makes “selfies” with crime, and with a minister who says, “We are defeated by crime”

There is no more government, but instead, a governmental clique, totally detached from the Government, law enforcement, popular representative parliamentarism, national interests, problems of the citizens and public accountability, to such a degree that the prime minister is still tied to mafia, Minister of Foreign Affairs messes with license plates, Minister of Interior has become the head of appointments and decorations, the chief police officer, a “general” of crime, abandons the meeting with the leader of Shkodra, when she gives the alarm for the terror in the “Autonomous Crime Empire” area, which has defeated the state.


Lately, two serious incidents and three ugly eventsoccurred in Albania because of the state, by high-ranking leaders who are paid millions and are enjoying luxury treatments from people’s money, by providing themselves a normal life and security.

  1. In Shkodra, in few months, the tenth murder was committed, but the fourth one with two people.
  2. In 11 areas of the country, fire is set on forests and the state just warms itself by that fire, being incapable of extinguishing it, or even preventing it.
  3. After the double murder in the center of Shkodra, Minister Lleshaj, declared from the crime scene that the police lost the battle with the crime and the rule of law was defeated.
  4. Prime Minister Edi Rama, a protagonist of conversations on stealing votes and power, went to Durrës and publicly showed offand decorated in the governmental residence, with the main thief, Dako, and his gang, denigrating those who denounced this crime.
  5. Chief police officer, ArdiVeliu, leading and serving the crime gangs in Vlora, Tirana, Durrës, Elbasan, Fier, Saranda and Gjirokastra, carelessly abandoned the meeting with the mayor of Shkodra, the area where the crime has defeated the state and is forcing residents to flee, or to confine themselvesbecause of terror and insecurity.

These facts and attitudes suffice to understand that the country is not under the state’s control but under the crime’s control, that the government is not in the hands of the voted power, but of a gang of thieves who are using it to steal and enrich mafia groups.

Albanians are leaving massively to escape the “tripod” offered by “rilindja“: Unemployment-Poverty-Insecurity, while the internationals continue to give lecture on peace and democracy in front of a people that is feeling wretched.

There are some logical questions based on the destruction of this country and the people, that “PAMFLETI“, would like to make to the Albanians and the internationals:

What else does this country have to go through, so that we can say that Rama’s government has nothing to do with the constitutional task and the obligationto the people for which it has been given the mandate?

Is there anything else Edi Rama must do for the US-EU international integration partners to be convinced that this prime minister is a top-gang of power, taken and held hostage bythe regional crime?

What other iniquity has to be committed by “Rilindja” gang so that the Albanians who are still within the borders can be persuaded and convinced that this prime minister and this power is just as criminal as the predecessors of PD-LSI gang?

How many other decades should the Albanians endure, in this barbaric transition, and when will they will wake up and unite, to remove these united “gangs” of plunderers and rascals who are ruling?

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