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Two shocking messages to Edi Rama, the President may dissolve the Parliament before leaving

Last plan of Berisha, Meta and Monika to dethrone Rama. They give fair warningthatthey will dissolve the parliament with the claim that it is not legitimate. 

Ilir Meta’s retreat from the presidency in order to save the gang (LSI)before it is completely destroyed is just a matter of weeks. In addition to saving his gang of the remaining members, Ilir Meta, is trying to deepen the crisis and bring a state of stagnation by leaving the presidency, as a pressure on Americans so that he will not be investigated by SPAK (The Special Structure against Corruption and Organized Crime).

But yesterday the US deputy ambassador gave a strong message by saying that there is no turning back from the project to attack the heads of crime and corruption in Albania.

Under these conditions, Ilir Meta warned that he may order the dissolution of Parliament before leaving. The Parliament is the basis on which Edi Rama’s government is standing, which has already been certified as the most corrupt government on earth.

The possibility of dissolution of the Parliament has been signaled by Meta and Monika through two encrypted messages to Rama. When he said he would kill himself, Ilir Meta declared that the Parliament is not legitimate with the new deputies. This is an argument that Meta may use if he decides to dissolve the parliament, even though the parliament may not recognize Meta’s decision.

Meta said: “In my institutional assessment and conviction, the Parliament of Albania has 82 lawful deputies, including 3 opposition MPs who refused to give up on their mandates according to the political decision of the respective parties. Any other number beyond this, not only deepens this crisis, but certainly does not help to overcome this situation since any other number is contestable in all aspects. Constitutionally, legally, procedurally, politically, and morally”.

Such an argument was given by Meta’s wife, Monika, whose gang is falling apart. According to Monika, “The parliament is illegitimate; the Albanian parliament must have 140 sworn deputies. According to this, Rama should buy 62 deputies, so you can make the calculations how much money it will cost him… If he wants to have 140 deputies, let him do that, but I do not believe he will make it 140. We have a political crisis in this country and an illegitimate parliament. Today the government has become an institution doing favors to certain groups of interest. There is no more dialogue, but new elections. The socialists, though they try to show they are strong, are preparing themselves for snap elections and the summer will begin with parliamentary elections, not with local ones./Pamfleti

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