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The warning outrage of the US and the new justice, or the “cancer” grown inside the old politics.

The patrons of PD(Democratic Party), PS(Socialist Party) and LSI(Socialist Movement for Integration)are so much in trouble with the new justice that the prime minister of the mafia power of the oligarchs is struggling to make part of this justice his possible “dices” who will defend him, while the clique Berisha, Basha and Kryemadhi are attacking Rama who “betrayed” them and played with two cards, but are also attacking the internationals, accusing them as “supporters of governmental crime” when even the “boss” of government crimes Edi Rama was put on the black list of the new justice , for many great financial scandals, even using US fake companies and documents.

The state-political “ragtag” of these 30 years of transition is not reaching the obvious goal of blocking the establishment of the new justice, an ultimate failure, which has traumatized and raged them to an abnormal and ridiculous behavior,just like those who, from “reign” and paradise, are taken to confess and are punished for their wrongdoings.

As it is known, the new justice imposed on 140 “fraidy-cat” MPs for voting and who are now showing off on FB, is being managed by the US and the EU, not by the wimps and the depraved ones, and will begin with the 5 main pillars of the current politics and their gangs.

On Thursday, when Monika was raking over her party members’ coals, who abandoned her and resigned from their mandates, the US Embassy in Tirana made it clear to the 5 “musketeers” of Albanian politics that there was no turning back for justice reform and that theywill not allow any “pebble” to hinder this path.

Just one month ago, on February 22, 2019, PD-LSI leaders, united together against the new justice, gave up on their mandates as a sign of pressure on foreign partners, convinced that as always, during these 27 years, The US and the EU would accept the party game of Basha-Kryemadhi, i.e, Berisha-Meta, by bowing down and asking them to return to the parliament and fulfill the anti-reform interests in justice.

But the US and the EU, left them in their misery, wickedness, adventure, dreams and loneliness, by directing, enforcing and supporting the implementation of quick constitutional procedures, for the replacement of the deputies who left the list, with “goofy” candidates, appointed by the leaders of PD-LSI.

Resulted in a failure even in this scheme, PD-LSI used the last “bullet”, the President IlirMetaj, who was sent 120 kilometers away from Tirana, at Pogradeci Lake, in front of the sarays of his friend and counterpart Nikola Gruevski, to indirectly tell the US that the Albanian parliament without Monika and Sali is unlawful and that in the name of democracy and fight against corruption and crime he would commit suicide!

We do not know, on which religious holiday he is going to kill himself, but as we saw in the media, “FatherLikja” celebrated this “Novruz” happily, by enjoying his ashure made of Serbian and Russian wheat of Father Mondi.

As it is said, his oath to shoot himself, made the Albanians happy and relieved the internationals, but has scared Bajram of the “Besa Fund” that gave him 5 million euros forthe villa in Belgrade, as well as the mayor of the PD, the builder Eduard Kapri that day he was standing by his side, to whom IlirMetaj has not yet given the “down payment” for the apartment building in Shëngjin and for the sarays, which he is building in Tushemisht and Ohrid.

But the efforts are not over, since on Friday, from the “LSI Bunker” another threat was uttered: Ilir Meta will not kill himself, but will “kill” the parliament, by disrupting it, only 24 hours before handing over the keys of the Presidency.

But before deciding on the resignation day, he is waiting for the chief of the presidential cabinet, ArbenÇiçi, to return from Moscow, whom he sent to a “work meeting” on the destiny of the Russian platform with Albania./Pamfleti

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