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“PAMFLETI” blocks the cancerous chimneys of the Thermal Power Stationin Korça. Mayor Filo, against the Rama-Peleshicrime-dealings.

The response of the mayor of Korça should be welcomed as an anti-crime valor  and as an attitude in defense of the vital interest of the community who voted in his favor, by objecting the environmental and inhumane massacre of Rama-Peleshi-Gjiknuri-Ahmetaj-Klosi , which are ending their ruling by giving “a lifelong gift to Korça, the giant cancerous abscess with 34 chimneys, which would emit 700 million m3 of toxins, just as they gave the rubbish crime areas in Tirana, Fier, Elbasani and almost in Vlora too.

When “PAMFLETI” editorial office published for the first time with official facts and official documents, the state crime of the toxicThermal Power Station, which will be built on 90 acres of land in Korça, we received lots of threats from the interested party and denials as well as threats to bring the case into the court, by “Facebook” government officials of EndriFuga and Edi Rama, who called it “defamation”.

One of the deniers of “PAMFLETI” writings is the “master” from Korça, Niko (Nikollaq) Peleshi, who, at the party meeting 4 days ago with the residents of the area, when they showed the printed page of “PAMFLETI”, where his company was “IN FAVOR OF” building the Power Station he called these writings a: “viciousdefamation, I have not signed, there is no government decision”.

After Nikollaq’s accusation that our writings were “vicious defamations”, we published the facts, with official documents fully proving that Rama government has made a decision on the construction of the Power Station and that this decision is signed by Niko (Nikollaq) Peleshi, Edi Rama, Damian Gjiknuri, ArbenAhmetaj, BlendiKlosi and Alma Hiçka, as State’s Attorney.

We are reminding Peleshi, who has buried his head on the sand like an ostrich, after the letter saying “NO” from Mayor of KorçaSotiraq Filo, that only 20 days ago, this decision was initialed by Belinda Ballukuin place of Gjiknuri as current Minister of Energy, who will conclude the contract with the Austrian company, “IVICOM” (suspected of having ties with the National Lottery) disguised behind the ghostcompany “GPP KORÇA SHPK, with NUIS / NIPT: L73724004N”.

The construction and the signing denied by NikoPeleshi but admitted and denounced by the socialist mayor of Korca, his friend Sotiraq Filo, who asked Minister BlendiKlosi to block the environmental permit, and also asked Minister Belinda Balulku to ban the construction permit, with the ultimatum that the construction of a foreign Power Station in Korça will not be built, because it may take the lives of 260 thousand inhabitants in the area.

The approval of the project, for the construction of the Power Station-Korça, was made with Decision No. 30/4, dated 14.02.2018, of the State Investment Agency (AIDA), where the director is Fatos Nano’s son, Chairman of the Board is Edi Rama, Deputy chairman is ArbenAhmetaj and its members are NikoPeleshi, Damian Gjiknuri, Luan Bregasi , Ines Muçostepa who is a partner of Linda Rama, AndiBallta, the owner of “ABI Bank” and Silvio Pedrazzi, the owner of “Intesa San Paolo Bank”.

We are reminding the residents of Korça that the construction of the toxic Thermal Power Station that will produce electricity for Greece, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Turkey will begin in September 2019, after NikoPeleshi and Rama have received the votes of June 30, and then the catastrophe will happen, as they will no longer be in power and they have already received their millions of money as an advance payment from the bosses of the Thermal Power Station./Pamfleti

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