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Meta-Berisha launch the coup d’etat, they no longer recognize the prosecution, preparations to refuse The Special Structure against Corruption and Organized Crime (SPAK)

Just like Berisha in ’98 and on January 21,2011, Basha sends a letter to the prosecution where he refuses to go to testify, an evidence of resistance not to obey SPAK. Meta-Monika threaten with suicide if they are to be investigated.

SaliBerisha, Ilir Meta and LulzimBasha have shown the first evidence of resistance not to obey the Bureau of Investigation, Special Prosecution and Special Courts. YesterdayLulzimBasha sent an unusual letter to Prosecution Office of Tirana, challenging the latter. Basha’s letter confirms the launch of a genuine coup d’etat by SaliBerisha and Ilir Meta, who are trying to refuse to recognize the justice in Albania. In his letter, Basha informs the prosecution that he will not testify for the lobbying in the US with Russian money. This is just the first step and evidence, not to recognize SPAK, since Berisha, Meta and Basha are not afraid of the current prosecution. They are only concerned with resisting SPAK.

In his letter, Basha writes that: “The fact that such an invitation comes 6 months after you received the information in question and at a time when a misinformation campaign started with the nature and progress of the investigation in question makes us think that your action was not for investigative purposes, but for political propaganda services. With the unnecessary misleadingcall at a politically elected time, you have seriously compromised the integrity and impartiality of the investigation”.In these conditions, even if tomorrow SPAK bringsBerisha or Meta under investigation, PD-LSI will write a letter, saying that the investigation is not necessary. SaliBerisha did the same thing, when AzemHajdari was killed. He refused 27 times to testify to the prosecution. The same thing he did on January 21, where he threwaway for garbage the arrest warrants for the guards.

This maneuver comes at a time when Ilir Meta and Monika Kryemadhi have publicly threatened to commit suicide if they are under investigation by SPAK. Ilir Meta said yesterday that he would kill himself as Salvador Allende, who fought against the Americans. Meta gave a clear message to Americans if SPAK brings him under investigation. Several days ago, Monika Kryemadhi said he would blow herself up as a suicide bomber. Meta and Monika have sent their children abroad and have sold their property, raising suspicions of running away. However, they are playing the last card, that of the threat/Pamfleti

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