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Linda Rama, from a concubine into a Sultana.

People needlessly go on at Edi Rama as the man who gave power and money to his wife. The truth is that Linda had put too much effort to establish the ties herself, before she met Rama. The latter simply gave her the Sarays where she can enjoy the “deserved sultanate”


Despite the image of a good and wise wife that she tries to show to the public, Linda Rama may be one of the most complex women that the Albanian transition has shown in the last 28 years.

She is the typical case of the ambitious woman after money and power, who knows how to establish good ties and how to use people as she wants, and who today is transformed into one of the most influential women in Albania.

There are many facts supporting this, many documents as well as testimonies, on this woman who during the mid ‘90s, was looking for a man who would provide her and her family with money. Yes, this is exactly how the “career” of our Prime Minister’s wife started, who is currently one of the people who has to do with every penny from the state, fund, or investment. The ministers (the female ministers and the wives of male ministers) find rest at Linda, about a dozen names of NGOs “fighting for women’s right” are around her, as well as far lobbying and circuits, disguised behind international donor names. In a nutshell, this is today’s Linda, a true Sultana…but, not the one of yesterday.

The first one Lindita Basha (today, Linda Rama) managed to “catch” in the right place at the right time was Thanas Xhillari (currently a lecturer at the Faculty of Social Sciences.) Think of a young lady coming out of the Faculty of Economy in the early 1990s, with many vital needs, but few opportunities to fulfill them, especially as a simple textile worker in the Textile Combine in Tirana.

The first solution she could think of was a husband. His name was Thanas and would suffice to be the father of their daughter.  But the ambition is something which is not easily refrained and someone like Lindacould not be satisfied with the modest life of an Albanian family at that time. For many, the drastic change from the former Textile Combine to the position of the Director of National Privatization Agency, to the Council of Ministers, is unclear. They say that someone who was very keen on the new economist of the former Textile Combine, someone who later became an important person in her life lent her a hand. She held this position for several years, so long that from a poor person, she could buy 4 apartments in enviable areas in Tirana, 2 garages several hectares of land in Korca and Tirana and a bank account with good money. Only one thing came out of control at that time. Money and power change the individual’s view of life, so Thanasi – the husband of that time – was supernumerary to Linda. Another person, this time influential one, had infatuated and won the woman’s heart who was apparently never satisfied.

His name was Ylli Çabiri. He stood by her for another 10 years when Linda Rama realized (and she deserves congratulations on this) that the secret of accumulating wealth, the justification and concealment of wealth was elsewhere. Ylli Çabiri was her shining star who introduced her to the civil society, to the Human Development Promotion Centre.

Ylli was the great, secret love of Linda, who today is the ace under the Prime Minister’s wife’s sleeve.

In order to freely live her love story with Ylli, but also be discharged from her obligations, Linda was ready to make any kind of pact, even if this meant to sacrifice some of the declared assets. She agreed to give the apartments and the lands registered under her name to Thanas Xhillari, so that he could break up in silence and never talk about the truths of his ex-wife. For some time, Thanasi left Albania. And this is how her relationship with Ylli goes, one of her greatest love. But it was not destined to last forever.

Linda was destined to live as a concubine for a while and then she would demand more and more. She enjoyed the money but was never satisfied with it. She liked the power but wanted more and more, no matter how much she had. Through Ylli Linda was connected to the network of people who were paid by Soros. The work with non-profit organizations was a paradise, and during this time she brought in and made part of the network many of her own friends, who surprisingly have one thing in common with her: all of them are at least once divorced from their spouses. This way Linda’s star shined brilliantly.

It is much discussed how the Soros network works in Albania, but the truth is much darker than it is known. The “Soros” sect and their ties are unbelievable. They fanatically defend each other and have created an impermeablewall for anyone who wants to be part of it. They are such of a kind and they earn billions of money a year.

Did this mean that Linda Rama had to be satisfied? Of course not. Her sultanate would make sense only the way it is today. Ylli Çabiri remains Linda’s great love, even today, but on her way, she was proposed to “catch” someone who surpassed even her own interests. From Thanasi to Ylli, from Ylli to Edi Rama, Linda had gone through many characters, among them, media people and unknown to the public (for whom we will write in the upcoming days), depending on the interests of the moment . But now she was part of a great game and the chancecould not be lost. This was more than the concubine she had dreamed of.

It was Edi Rama, who would become prime minister of Albania. Edi, a painter in attempt, very unstable as a personality, was stubborn enough to go into service of the dark interests of a strong financial group in Albania. He had alsoreceived money from the Soros group, but because of his instability he was not yet reliable. For this reason, a woman was needed, and Linda would be the best.

To make the story more reliable a marriage and possibly a child was needed. Both happened. The wedding ceremony was held in Tirana, while she, due to her age, through modern fertilization methods and trusted donors, got pregnant. The rest is known.

What is not known to the wide public is the fact that during Rama’s first mandate, Linda was all-powerful. Rama simply signed. She was physically present, almost every day at the prime minister’s office. Advised by her journalist friends, who also enjoy a piece of power in silence, she chose and prepared the ground for the full power of a Sultana. While Edi Rama had fun playing Prime Ministers games, Linda collected every investment fund for her own. Rama holds just the name because the cabinet is headed by Linda. The Minister of Health (apart from her unconditioned adoration for Edi) uses the money and funds run by one of Linda Rama’s close friends, Mirela Arqimandriti and her association. The Albanian Investment Development Agency (AIDA), the only one which goes through all Albanian funds, has Andi Ballta as its deputy chairman, also coming from civil society, former “gentleman” of Linda and her partner in establishing Abi Bank.

In Linda’s grip there is also the former NBG Bank and Intesa San Paolo Bank, whose director general Silvio Pedrazzi, is also Linda’s special friend.

With this Empire established with much effort, Linda Rama can now be fully considered an all-powerful woman who enjoys her sultanate. One of those who appreciate the value of power because she started from scratch and sacrificed a lot for it./Pamfleti

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