Families of Gërdec asked for a meeting on March 15. Rama lied to them and fled to Berat, because of the embarrassment over the deals with Berisha

On the day of the tragedy of the crime-business of “Berisha” family, the former opposition leader, Edi Rama, not only did not organize the people to protest, but sided with the murder and after 1 month made a deal with him on the Electoral Code, while after his silence,showed his hypocrisy by going to the bloodstained place of 26 victims and 300 injured, where he sent artificial flowers along with the deputies of the Socialist Party, pledging himself that when he came to power, Gërdecwould be the first file brought to justice but who in fact, during his 6 years of ruling, has already “forgotten” of Gërdec and is not even going there to send flowers, not artificial ones.

 Leaders, media, militants and former opposition MPs are considering the Prime Minister’s visit in Berat as a deliberate escape, fearing the protest of March 16, when extreme rumors warned of a chaos in front of the government building and especially an escape from the allegedthreat of Sali Berisha to drag him away.

But, according to the information that was sent to “PAMFLETI”, the escape of the Prime Minister to Berat, on March 15, is reportedly not because of fear from Luli, Ilir, Monika, Fatmir, Vangjel, Shpëtimand Sali, since         Lleshaj has filled Tirana and the headquarter of the government, with army and police officers.

The escape of the prime minister 120 kilometers away from Tirana is a moral and state issue, coming from the embarrassment of facing the story of a deception that Edi Rama has been doing for 11 years, by not taking the brutal tragedy of murders and massive injuries to justice, caused by Berisha family on March 15, 2008.

What was the real concern that forced Rama to escape to Berat before down of the day of Gërdec tragedy when he could go in the afternoon or the morning of March 16 if he really wantedavoid the protest as he did on February 16, by taking refuge in Vlora?

Because, as from March 1, 2019, the family members of 26 victims in Gërdec had asked the Prime Minister to accept an explanatory meeting at the scene of the tragedy on March 15, as a hearing with them and the people injured by the explosion of Shkëlzen’s and FatmirMediu’s factory, or at the headquarter of the Prime Minister’s office but in live broadcasting.

Prime Minister Rama had agreed to hold the meeting in the government building and broadcast it from “ERTV” and through him, from “TOP Channel” and “Report TV” in the form of an explanatory dialogue on why they are not re-opening and not taking the “Gërdec” file to justice.

On the 3rd anniversary of Gërdec tragedy, occurred on March 15, 2011, on the remains of the former factory of “Zeni-Mediu”, after paying homage, shedding tears, hugging orphaned children, throwing flowers and stayed with family members, on his arms around their neck, allegedly mourning, Edi Rama, declared:

– “I assure you that, within 10 days, after I take the office of power, with the file of Gërdec in my hands, led by you, the family members of the killed and the injured, from the crime of the greed from the top criminal, Sali Berisha, his son Shkëlzen and his minister-trafficker Fatmir Mediu, we will send the real file to the justice. If the valiant warriors of Grandpa Sali,at the prosecutor’s office and the court have the guts not to accept it, they will have to be present aspartners in crime. The righteous justice will avenge the blood shed by innocent parents and children within the first March 15 of our government (March 15, 2014). “

 11 years have passed since the event, eight Marchs 15, have passed since that vow and promise, and six years of Edi Rama’s power, but Gërdec file has not yet been sent to the justice, even during the 15 months that the prosecution is led by his “soldier” Arta Marku, while in the last 5 years, Rama is not uttering a word about this tragedy that is craving for justice./Pamfleti

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