Facts / Rama, terrified, involves his people to seize justice. Americans give the deserved response

Edi Rama takes off his mask and throws the last dices to keep justice under control; he nominates the “kamikazes” of his partyas candidates:  Genc Gjonçaj, Fatmir Hoxha, Prela and Plarent Ndreca

 Edi Rama has finally taken off the mask as the pro-reform man in justice, while putting his people in the game to become part of new justice institutions in the hope of controlling them. Edi Rama is terrified of the Bureau of Investigation and the Special Prosecution, so these days he is making his maneuvers, to act without delay. The High Justice Inspector is a very important body of justice, as he punishes all prosecutors and judges. Genci Gjonçaj, Secretary General of the Assembly, formerly part of the Ministry of Interior and Edi Rama’s representative at the CEC (Central Election Commission), is running for this post. If elected, the High Justice Inspector would be a whip in Rama’s hands.

The Special Prosecution is the body which Edi Rama, his corrupt ministers and directors are most terrified of. Donika Prela is running to become part of it, the woman who is still keeping the files of ministers closed. Rama’s Director of State Property Management at the Ministry of Finance, Fatmir Hoxha, is also running for the Special Prosecution. Meanwhile, former Lindita Nichola’s subordinate, Plarent Ndreca wants to become a Prosecutor General. Other disguised persons are also running, introduced by Rama. All of these party candidates desecrate the justice reform and undermine the trust in it.

The outflow of Rama’s candidates to become part of the new justice bodies is a serious provocation even to the United States that is investing greatly in establishing the justice reform, independent of politics. Under these conditions, the US and EU response was given without delay. US-EU representatives in Tirana will participate and will monitor all stages of the competition for SPAK, the Inspector of Justice and Chief Prosecutor. They will check each candidate and ask them about political ties. The goal is to get rid of all Edi Rama’s candidates, but also the masked candidates of Sali Berisha and Ilir Meta. It has been weeks that a fierce battle has already erupted behind the scenes between the Albanian political mafia and the United States./Pamfleti

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