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Edi Rama breaks the world record: within one year he steals half of the state budget

Rama is going down in history as the leader of the most corrupt government of all time on earth. He steals € 1.7 billion euros within one year, 7 times more than his predecessor.

Edi Rama is going down in history as the leader of the most corrupt and greedy government of all time on earth.
Edi Rama and his gang of thieves which runs the country have broken every world record in stealing money and robbing the public assets.
During 2018, ministers, directors and mayors, under Edi Rama’s leadership, stole € 1.7 billion or more than the state budget. The record theft is confirmed by the Supreme State Audit. Several mayors of the Democratic Party (PD) and the Socialist Movement for Integration (LSI)also participated in the theft, but the great “robbery” was committed by the ministers and directors of Rama. If before 2013, up to € 250 million was stolen per year, in 2018, Edi Rama’s government has raised this amount to € 1.7 billionper year or 7 times higher.
The Supreme State Audit report states that “The Supreme State Audit for the period January – December 2018 performed 171 audits out of 162 audits planned for 2018. From this year’s audit, the Supreme State Auditfound out that the institutional practices and decisions with negativeeffects in public funds are still present, where the level of damages and ineffective expenditures found are as follows: Irregularities and financial violations, in incomes and expenditures incurred, with an economic damage in the total amount of ALL 24,093,742 or € 193 million. Violation of financial discipline with negative impact on the performance of audited entities, in the total amount of ALL189,799,245 thousand, approximately € 1,518 million of which: ALL 116,018,792 thousand in the field of income, approximately € 923 million; ALL 73,780,453 thousand, approximately€ 587 million, in the field of non-efficient expenditures and good use of funds.

In total, there have been found  violations  in the  amount of  ALL 213,892,987  thousand  or  approximately € 1,711.1 million “./Pamfleti

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