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Another Biblical Exodus:  37,000 requests for renunciation of citizenship blocked and delayed at Rama’s behest

While over 400,000 citizens, individuals, families, and groups of professionals have “packed up and left everything else behind” by fleeing into the world with family reunions and work visas, to never come back to the weary Albania fromthe state and the politics,only in 2018 and in the first two months of 2019, President IlirMetaj has decreed 1810 renunciations of citizenship. The requests are being increased but are blocked and postponed with various excuses.

The deserved and delayed anti-government mud, which Edi Rama wants to remove with false interviews in Italian televisions, and the smoke of tires burned in protests, which the tenor SaimirPirgu wants to clear, who has also given up on the Albanian citizenship, cannot stop the escape of Albanians.

And logically, a country whose people flee into exile, for survival and not to luxurious beaches and picnics, like the prime minister, president, ministers and deputies do, clearly shows that the situation is too serious and urgent to react, in this case by forcibly removing the despicable and criminal politicians, and not the people.

A confidential report drafted by the Ministry of Interior, a report that was requested by the EU for Rama’s government, reveals another alarming fact of the massive outflow of the indigenous population, not with liberalized visas, but by giving up on “Albanianship”, by renouncing their citizenships.

According to the evidence, until March 5, 2019, it results that 37 124 requests for renunciation of citizenship have been submitted to the Ministry of Interior, of which 80% were made by persons at the age of 18-40, who are most able to work, and half of them along with their families.

Pursuant to law no. 8389, dated 05.08.1998, they have filed requests to the Ministry of Interior and are awaiting the approval of their renunciation of Albanian citizenship after they have acquired foreign citizenship, but whose life has been so miserable by the state, that they now refuse to hold Albanian citizenship, not even as a “dual citizenship card”.

Indicators of the outflow are also the requirements for the renunciation of Albanian citizenship by foreigners or Albanians of Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Turkey and Calabria, who have acquired their citizenship 5 and 10 years ago and now are giving up on it, applying to the Albanian consulates in the countries where they live.

This influx has alarmed the EU countries, which, as it is known, have threatened to stop visas for Albanians, have repatriated thousands of the refugees, but have also put pressure on the Rama’s government to give up on the business with crime and corruption to offer socio-economic solutions within the country.

Prime Minister Rama is not actually implementing this EU recommendation and constitutional and governmental obligation to the people, by implementing clientelist economic policies in favor of enriching politicians, oligarchs, and crime groups that collect power votes for him.

Just one fact: Edi Rama has transferred 75% of the state budget with the ghostsPPPs (Public Private Partnerships) to the clans and customers of his power, has added the administrative staff with 30% more than the legally approved structure, and has spent 42 million euros in 5 years with the media, lobbying and NGOs for propaganda of imaginary achievements of government.

Unable to keep his people in Albania with socio-economic policies, such as employment, living standards, taxes and low prices according to the wages, with business support employing people, justice and public security, the prime minister has thought to stop the escape of Albanians, by delaying and blocking the renunciation of citizenships./Pamfleti

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