US DEA /Investigations on Meta-Kryemadhi’s family estate and family accounts, inevitable imprisonment and sequestration:

The Ministry of Justice, the General Prosecutor’s Office, the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Finance have received instructions on what actions will be taken on assetssequestration available and alienated to family members, relatives, in-laws, including even their subordinates and former subordinates of high politicians, who result to be wealthy billionaires only with state wages, referring to property alienation in the last 15 years, while even those who left the politics within that time frame will not be excluded.

Sources from theAnti-Corruption, Economic and Financial Department of the US DEA, in the framework of the international operation, for the political “clean up” of the countries of the regionfrom the leaders of crime and corruption, reported on Friday that this operation, in addition to their imprisonment as in other countries, has in its “basic program” the return of stolen assets of any kind, owned by the respective states. According to the information given, the first phase of investigation for Albania has been completed, including the identification of official incomes, of the discovered assets and those in process, and the average of cost of living, starting from the five main politicians,Ilir Metaj, Edi Rama, Lulzim Basha, Sali Berisha and Monika Kryemadhi, from ministersand former ministers and from senior executives and former leaders of the 40 constitutional institutions during the last 15 years.

According to the methodology of such investigations in other countries, the investigation on the assets of politicians in Albania has been first launched on the head of the state, President IlirMetaj and his family members of any age and private or public status, to identify the quantities, the values and the nature of movable and immovable property they possess, or alienated to other family and non-family members.

For the presidential family Metaj-Kryemadhi, it is confirmed that the first phase of the preliminary investigation, which includes only the comparative balance the wages-assets-accounts, has been completed as a start for a thorough investigation within May 2019, on how they obtained these assets, over the years in politics and power, compared to the value of available assets, from entering to politics to date.

According to the report, the first phase of the comparative investigation on the current wage-wealth revealed the great “oddity” that the presidential family Metaj-Kryemadhi and their 2 adult children and 1 minor child, with advocacy or parental “caregiving”estate, possessfinancial and immovable property that could be earned only if during the political activity they had 190 MPs’ salaries for 45 years, without making any vital expenses.

While for the international investigative group, this wage-wealth ratio is an “oddity”, for Albanians who know the corruptive and criminal activities of the presidential family, it is not an oddity at all, since only the villa in the Bay of Lalzicost €6 million, where only the 12 luxurious toilets costs €25 thousand each, while there are “suites” for Roi the dog and for Sasha the cat,whose medical treatment is made by veterinarian Dr. Edmond Panariti, while their meals and medicines, are brought by Conad’scopartner from Italy, France and Germany.

It is not just this “oddity” discovered by the internationals, on the visible assets of the presidential family, as they must be aware of the fact that according to the State Intelligence Service file available to SaliBerisha, the Albanian “Czar and Tsarina”Metaj-Kryemadhi, also possess 4 luxurious villas and suites, and 7 apartment buildings,  as well as dozens of apartments in Tirana, aside from the villas in Vlora, Saranda, Korça, Pogradec, Durrës, Belgrade, Montenegro, Macedonia, London where their 3 children study and live (annual cost, annual salaries of 25 deputies) to Thessaloniki, Corfu and Peloponnese (neighbor with Anastas Angjeli and Vangjel Tavo), some of which have been registered under other names.

This investigation is continuing on the parliamentary family Ruçi, on the Prime Minister’s family Rama, on the former Prime Minister Berisha’s family, on the family of the opposition leader, Basha and, on the senior state officials, with constitutional mandates.

They will be subject to verification for each penny, expense, asset, sale, donation and other property transactions, to family members and relatives, including their “strong” persons, drivers, businessmen and trusted “family” bodyguards, who will go through verifications of wages and estates./Pamfleti

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