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Ulaj the oligarch has “grabbed Rama by the throat, excludes “D.H Albania”ghost companyfrom tenders for 3 years, “Gener 2” in action

The prime minister has immersed himself so deeply into the world of crime and corruption, that is now commanded by the cocaine boss of “Gener 2” company who gives orders to and finances the mafia political and state clans in Albania, with public fund concession activities and the “laundering machine” of the billions collected from crime, trafficking and common corruption with the bosses of power.


While the joint investigation of Albania and USA on “DH Albania” company is still going, a ghost affiliate opened by BashkimUlaj only 1 month prior to the tender and with 4 false addresses, in order to win 2 tenders worth € 30 million in the New Ring Road and the Transmission System Operator, Prime Minister Rama, continues to play the game at the service of this Albania-US interstate crime, by keeping “DH Albania” company in the procurement system.

By order of Prime Minister Edi Rama and with the signature of the tender director (Public Procurement Agency), ReidaKashta, “DH Albania” ghost company, is punished with a 3-year exclusion from the right to participate in state tenders and after 3 years it shall enter again, through dealings with the bosses who will be in power, to win tenders and concessions.

What is happening here in this jungle, with this bandit-prime minister, who does not give a damn, either for the laws, or for his people or internationals, but who during his six years in power, continues to commit thievery and crimes of any kind, finances and protects criminal businesses, with public concession funds for 20-30 years ?!

Although it was proved that “DH Albania” is a ghost company used by BashkimUlaj to steal €30 million of public funds through forged American documents, and moreover, when the “doll” administrator AvdjolDobi is an internationally wanted person and wanted even in USA, Prime Minister Rama and Director of the Public Procurement Agency ordered by him, have pushed the scandal further, by deciding that “DH Albania” company be excluded from concessionsonly for 3 years!

According to the decision made by the the Public Procurement Agency, which is directly 100% under the Prime Minister, the ghost company which does not exist at all, will not take part in procurements, from February 7, 2019 until February 7, 2022, while BashkimUlaj with “Gener 2” company, will be in business, though he made up and used through forged document “DH Albania” ghost company, while both of the companies should have been charged and should have been unregistered by the National Registering Center.

Official announcement of the Public Procurement Agency, dated 11.02.2019

– ” the economic operator registered at the National Registering Center under the name of DH Albania, affiliate of the foreign company” DunwellHaberman LLC, Limited Liability Company, with Nipt number  L81918008S, headquartered in Tirana, is excluded from the public procurements for 3 (three) years, starting from 07.02.2019, until 07.02.2022 “./Pamfleti

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