The scandal:  Vangjush Dako claims that his 11-story apartment building costs only ALL 72 million; the prosecution is not implementing the anti-mafia law.

The Mayor of Durrës misrepresents the value of the apartment building, the US put him on the blacklist, only during 2017 Dako added 4 new apartments on the beach and a three-story building to his property; the prosecution does not take any action.

The mayor of  Durrës, Vangjush Dako, declares that the 11-storey building in Durres costs only ALL 72 million. Dako is a 100% owner of an apartment building in Durrës, with a total surface area of 3 640 m2. He does not declare where the money for such a building came from, but declares a ridiculous value of the building, by openly challenging the prosecution, which has no power to implement the anti-mafia law in this case. The value declared by Dako does not justify a single floor of the building, even though he declared such a value in 2007. LulzimBasha’s father-in-law’s apartment building, out of which 8floors were legitimate and 4 illegitimate, cost about € 17 million, while Dako declares ALL 72 million or about €500 thousand.

The 11-storey building is only one part of  Vangjush Dakos’s estate. Only 2007 the mayor of Durrës added 4 new apartments to his property. Dako claims to have added four apartments on the beach to his property, which were exchanged with a property in Shkozë, a 539 m2 land area plus a two-story building, where the ground floor is 506 m2 and the first floor is 487 m. Dako states that this property was earned in 1996. During 2017, Dako declared that he added a 4950 m2 land area at Xhafzotaj to his property, plus a three-storey building according to the permit, construction site and service building, where the ground floor is 1653 m2 plus 624 m2. This property was exchanged with another property comprised of a 405 m2 land area and a 164 m2building.

Even for this augmented property in 2017, the prosecution should immediately launch investigations and implement the anti-mafia law, as there is no man who can give a 4950 m2land area, plus a 1653 m2and 624 m2 building in exchange for a 405 m2 land area and a 164 m2building. The prosecution should launch the investigations for money laundering by investing in real estate. Originally Dako declared only land area with surface area of 1 800 m2 worth$ 50 000, the 11-storey building, 300 m2 warehouse worthALL 500 000, 100 m2 garage and a 130 m2 apartment worth$40 000.

Dako’s son owns 35% of the shares of the Artic-Group ltd company, ALL 966,000. He says he borrowed this money from Dako’s brother. The prosecution should investigate whether this declaration is just a fraud and whether the share purchase has been made through “dirty money”. Illegal assets and his far-fetched declarations forced the US Embassy in Tirana to stop Vangjush Dakos from entering the United States. The refusal of the visa was confirmed by Dako himself. However, the Albanian prosecution has not launched any investigation to verify the legality of Dakos’s property, who only declares his salary and his wife’s salary who is a lab worker./Pamfleti

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