The “hunt” for concessions and dirty businesses brings Vjollca of “TOP” to the anti-economic crime

Structural destruction, the expulsion of managerial and professional potentials, caused a program’s impoverishment and a gradual and irreversible retreat from the media market of the former giant, which has found the practices of “abductors”as a way of survival,


18 denunciations have been made within a year since the appointment of Ben Blushi in charge of “TOP Channel”, who, according to their content, turned this television, from a news screen, to a news object of “black chronicle” related to the world of crime, because this business, is using its media status and power for criminal activities, masked behind the protection of public and legal interest.

Confidential sources from the anti-financial crime sector at the General Directorate of the State Police, suggested that some individuals and businesses, with legal problems (abuses), have filed criminal charges against the editorial general manager Ben Blushi and the owner of “Top Channel”, VjollcaHoxha.

Out of the 18 denunciations, only 3 of them have the object of insult and personal-family disrepute, globally as a service for benefits, while 15 other cases are charges ofintentional chronicles and news, with the object of illegally taking moneyfromentities, through psychological warning pressure, continuous or silent, for obligations to give a product (financial value-service-goods).

The biggest “hunts”are concession and food, environmental, medical and infrastructure businesses, obtained from clientelism and complete law violation, which carry out financial and life crime activities, being an open ground where Blushi-Hoxha, launch their warning heavy“missiles”of their“TOP”.

Today we are just calling attention to the case of “the victim”KlodianZoto, the Albanian-Dutch boss of the black business “Integrated Technology Service” (a €128 million concession only for waste processing in Tirana), who initially made denunciations at the government and prosecutor’s office, for being warned with fines, on the charge of being worried, by chronicles and television interpretations, representing him as an “environmental killer”.

But after the 200 million deal “for the time being”, made with the middleman of Ben “the master”, the chronicles began to present and continue to present the waste concessioner as the“rescuer of the environment and inhabitant’s lives” in Fier, Elbasan and Tirana, which has brought peace for Zoto, who from the “enemy client” of the “TOP” screen, has become a“friend client”, who has to shake off the “soot” of waste burning.

This is shown by the “concern for the public interest”, shown by “TOP” along with Director Blushi, “a top master of business, individual and the state dealings“: this waste concession that previously “poisoned”, and now “sweetens”, has great capacities, technology and environmental standards at an European level, so it should operate in Durres, Vlora and other counties.

Next, we will publish another “concern” of “TOP” in the field of environmental protection in Tirana and 6 major cities./Pamfleti

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