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The ghastly record, the Edi Rama government steals  €2.7 million each day

Thefts of big moneyindicate that Albania must be declared in an extraordinary situation. Edi Rama’s gangs steal 1/3 of the state budget, and while the prime minister fools about with the meetings, the big thefts happen in the backstage.

Based on international reports and the Supreme State Audit data, Edi Rama’s government turns out to have set a national and perhaps even world record for theft and misuse of taxpayers’ money and public assets.

According to the calculations, based on the Supreme State Audit data, Edi Rama’s gang of thieves steals about € 2.7 million each day. If the previous governments used to steal up to € 300 million per year, Edi Rama’s government, for five years, has been stealing € 1 billion per year, while the entire state budget is about € 3.5 billion in total.

During the first years of government, Edi Rama’s government stole and squandered each year from 800 million to 900 million euros. During 2018, the government or Edi Rama’s gang stole about € 957 million only during the first 9 months.

During the first 9 months of 2018, Edi Rama’s government used to steal each day over € 2.7 million. This is a frightening figure in relation to the economy and the Albanian state budget. In any other country in Europe, if the rulersstole so much money with tenders, contracts, abuses, concessions, etc., an extraordinary situation would immediately be announced and the government would be immediately overthrown. All Albanians must know that every day the government steals€2.7 million of their money, money allocated to the pockets of the “wolves” in power. The days are full of Edi Rama’s meetings, humor, propaganda, accusations, forgiveness, excuses, etc., while behind the scenes the theft continues at high rates.

There are two reasons why Edi Rama, with such a ghastly record of corruption and abuse proven by official documents, is not falling from power.

The first reason is the opposition’s downfall and the lack of confidence in it. Rather than being a ruling alternative, the opposition simply thinks how to save the wealth collected from corruption and escape from justice. It is tied with visible and invisible “yarns” to Edi Rama’s power, where they share a part of the money stolen from Albanians.

The second reason has to do with the delay in setting up the Special Prosecution, the Bureau of Investigation and the Special Courts. It has been three years that these bodies are being procrastinated by the political mafia./Pamfleti

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