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Rama prohibits the arrest of corrupt deputies and ministers, restores immunity fearingthe Special Structure against Corruption and Organized Crime (SPAK), cools Gjiknuri, Ahmetaj, Alket Hyseni and Caci out.

Rama mobilizes the “handymen” of the LawCommissionto build up immunity for the deputies before SPAK is established, the draft decision does not allow the prosecutor’s office to arrest the deputies and ministers; the government assumes the court’s competences.


The moves for the establishment of the Special Prosecution Office, the National Bureau of Investigation and the Special Court have alarmed Edi Rama and his gang of thieveswith whom he has been stealing and ruling Albania for 5 years. Since SPAK will be controlled by USA-EU, Rama, the ministers and the deputies involved in corrupt affairs are afraid they will end up in prisonby this year. For this reason, Edi Rama has mobilized his “handymen” in the Parliamentary Law Commission to restorethe deputy’s immunity. The restoration of immunity entitles the Parliament of Albania to ban SPAK from arresting the ministers and deputies who have files. We should bear in mind that according to the Supreme State Audit, Edi Rama’s government steals over 1 billion euros each year, and according to the international reports Edi Rama’s government is one of the most corrupt on earth.

Rama has returned a draft decision for consideration, which changes the Parliament’s Rules of Procedure on the issue of arrest of a deputy. According to the draft decision, the Parliament assumes the powers of the court, examining the prosecution’s evidence when the latter seeks arrest of a deputy. In short, Rama and most of them become the court in order to save their skin. In a democratic country where equality in front of the law is respected, the evidence is assessed only by the court and not by the government. In order to restore immunity, Rama has decided that Ulsi Manja and Vasilika Hysi in the Law Commission shall take care of the procedures. But the initiative is approved in silence by all deputies who are afraid of being faced with justice.

With this move, Rama thinks he will save himself from a possible arrest for money laundering regarding the villa in Surrel. Rama is cooling the ministers, former ministers and deputies out, such as Gjiknuri, Ahmetaj, Manastirliu, Anastas Angjeli, Alket Hyseni, Ilir Beqja and others. On the other hand, as far as the restoration of immunity is concerned, Rama has also Lulzim Basha’s approval in silence, whose need is just to escape SPAK. It remains to be seen whether Rama will eventually bring this humiliating, anti-nationalist and assassinative  act to Albanians, an act against equality in front of the law. The response of the international factor remains to be seen as well.

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