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New file of Damian Gjiknuri and former director of the Albanian Electro Energetic Corporation (AEEC) revealed, millions of euros stolen within the year

The Supreme State Auditcatches Gjiknuri and former director of AEEC Agron Hetoja red-handed, ALL 1 billion thefts only through tenders.One of the tenders was also won by the ghost company of Bashkim Ulaj’s “young lad”.
Millions of euros abuses and waste in the Albanian Electro Energetic Corporation, during Agron Hetoja’s leadership, under the former Minister of Infrastructure and Energy Damian Gjiknuri. The thefts were ascertained by the Supreme State Audit (SAI), during an audit at the Albanian Electro Energetic Corporation (AEEC), for the period of 2016-2017. ALL 1 billion were stolen only through the electricity purchase contracts. In the SAI report it is stated that “there have been shortcomings regarding the implementation of electricity purchase and sale rules and procedures, illegaldismissal of employees from work, as a result of court proceedings, with financial consequences for the company. Mainly, the identified shortcomingswere with regard to the implementation of procurement procedures and the implementation of the respective contracts. ”
A tender at AEEC was also won by Bashkim Ulaj’s “young lad”, with his ghost company, which was involved in the New Ring Road scandal. It is still unknown whether this file is one of the reasons why Edi Rama dismissed the Minister of Infrastructure and Energy Damian Gjiknuri. After Gjiknuri dismissal, Rama, through the new minister Belinda Balluku, dismissed the main directors under his authority as well. Gjiknuri is responsible for the many abuses in AEEC. It remains to be seen who will be held accountable in front of justice for this new file on theft. To date, for all the thefts, only the directors have gotten their fingers burnt.
Some of the abuses in AEEC, according to SAI are: “Economic damage amounting to ALL 967,919 thousand, in procurement procedures and contract implementation, and in the sale-purchase of electricity. Possible economic damage amounting to ALL 1,988,961 thousand, in tax liabilities and implementation of works contracts. Negative financial effects amounting to ALL 9,235,869 thousand, as a result of illegal dismissals, tax penalties, procurement procedures, contract implementations, and sale-purchase of electricity. Forgone earnings amounting to EUR 1,508,630 or ALL 210,424 thousand from Energy Capacity Reduction for the period of January 2016 – April 2017.”



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