Montenegro government loses its sanity: it makes Fullani, the “black wolf” of the Albanian finances, part of the banking “herd”.

Having a state finance advisor, a former governor, a mediocre financer, a swindler and a handcuffed thief, since he stole and spent the finances of his country like water, means that either Fullani was a missionary to the Montenegrin state mafia to destroy the Albanian finances, or they have decided to destroy the finances in Albania and Fullani is a “professor” in this regard.

It is a convincing news that the former Governor of the Bank of Albania, ArdianFullani, has been appointed to a very important state position, as Advisor to the Governing Board of the Central Bank of Montenegro, but it is unbelievable how his neighbors who have heard of his “heroics”,made him part of them, this unblushing and uncivilized leader, which is almost seen and commented with disgust by 100% of Albanians.

If for the Montenegrin media the fact that the former Governor of the Bank of Albania, handcuffed for the big amount of the bank theft he ran, came as a surprise, this news in Albania was called a Montenegrin state madness, a much more madness for the leaders of the Montenegro Bank.

The appointment, or rather the call for ArdianFullani’s scientific and moral advice, on how to develop and maintain the state bank, is suspected not to be for the interest of that state’s finances but for overseas interests thatare known only by the Governor of Montenegro (CBCG) RadojeŽugić, unless he isan equivalent of Fullani who had “orgy” with, destroyed and robbed the Albanian bank.

It does not mean that through Fullani the thief, the prestige and the trust of the Montenegrin Central Bank are violated, but instead, it meansthey made the “black wolf” of the Albanian Central Bank part of the state financial “herd”, so…let them enjoy him!/Pamfleti

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