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Monika’s apartment building constructed with dirty money, a contract with Gentiana Sula’s husband


 The apartment building constructed with the money earned from corruption and the €250 thousand money laundering with the villa in Golem are another reason why the establishment of  The Special Structure against Corruption and Organized Crime (SPAK) has infuriated the Socialist Movement for Integration (LSI) chairwoman, who threatensshe will blow herself up like a suicide bomber.

LSI chairwoman, Monika Kryemadhi, has strong reasons when she declares she will blow herself up like a suicide bomber, when she threatens Arta Marku and Etilda Gjonaj, when she takes her boots off, when she is transformed and trembles with anger. She has to give an account to the National Bureau of Investigation on where she got the money for the Lalzi Bay villa with 12 toilets, the apartment building in Bllok, the villa in Golem, the apartment building behind Tirana Customs, for the dozens of apartments and bank accounts while her and Ilir Meta’s incomes are generated only from two state wages. These are just part of the illegal assets of Monika Kryemadhi and Ilir Meta.

LSI chairwoman also owns an apartment building, behind Tirana Customs, along with Gentiana Sula’s husband, Gentjan Sula. Monika declared an entrepreneurship contract over a land area in “TeodorKeko” street, behind Tirana Customs, with “Agikons” company, from which she is a beneficiary of the 35% of the construction area. The owner of “Agikons” company, until 2017, was Gentjan Sula, Gentiana Sula’s husband, who is the chairwoman of the authority for the opening of State Security files. “Agikons” counts a series of projects implemented in the capital and elsewhere, which among the most popular are Rezidenca Kodra e Diellit 1 (Sunny Hill Residence 1), Kodra e Diellit 2, Durrës, Saranda, Qeparo etc. In 2017, Sula sold the construction company to Elvis Sula.

The money laundering by Monika Kryemadhi started from the way she earned that land area, on which the apartment building was constructed. In their activity, Ilir Meta and Monika Kryemadhi have another clear and scandalous money laundering history. In 2004 they declared a 327 m2 villa and park in Golem, worth 60 thousand dollars. Two years later, the villa was sold to the value of € 300,000 , thus laundering € 250,000. If one day there will be justice in Albania, Monika has to give an account on what money she build the building apartment with and on how she increased the value of the villa in Golem by € 250 thousand./Pamfleti

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