Greedy ministers, deputies and senior officials: 50% of the wageeven 3 years after leaving the office ($750 per month)

 The decision of “Rama” government, which explains the war for power, without considering people’s problems, while the dismissed ministers and deputy ministers, at the time of handover of their duty, received 3 monthly wages as remuneration, but the salary continues for another 3 years, over the salary of the current job.

The most accurate definition of a conflict of interests between individuals and groups is given through this rhetorical question: Why don’t people fight to climb the plane tree, but the apple tree?

This is more than enough to realize that Albanian politicians and their supportive groups who only yell at each other, do not fightfor the problems of the people, but for the power, which has high salaries and pensions, cars, diets, employment and family education, free medical treatment within out of Albania amounting to ALL 4 million, possibility of growing rich and inviolability by the law.

Because if there were no benefits, MPs and ministers would not “open their mouth” in parliament and television and would not endure the denigration that the society causes to them, but they would work and live at peace in the villages and towns they came from.

Today, we are publishing a decision from “Rilindja” government, which proves one of the motives why the politicians fight with each other, where there not a single “letter”mentions the national affairs or people’s problems, on whose behalf they speak.

It is the Decision of the Council of Ministers no. 548, dated 27.07.2016, defining the obligations of the state for the treatment of the President, the Prime Minister and the Head of the Assembly, deputies, ministers, deputy ministers, secretaries of ministries, etc., giving monthly salary even several years after leaving the office, divided into three treatment categories ..

Every first state level official, after leaving the office, is paid 3 monthly salaries as remuneration and, starting from the fourth month, Social Insurances give him/her 50% of the gross monthly salary, according to the salary he/she had, which is also given for 3 years, after leaving the office.

Every second state level official (Deputy Minister / Secretary General) after leaving the office is paid 2 monthly salaries as remuneration and starting from the third month, Social Insurances give him/her 50% of the monthly gross salary for 3 more years after leaving the office.

Every third state level official (Chief Inspector, Director General, Prosecutor, Judge, Prefect, Mayor, county chairman), after leaving office, is paid 2 monthly salaries as remuneration and starting from the third month, Social Insurances pay him/her 40% of the gross monthly salary for 2 more years after leaving the office.

For example, MPs who did not win during 2017 elections will continue to receive 50% of MP’s salary until September 2020, while mayors who will not be after the elections of June 30, 2019 will continue to receive 40% of the monthly salary until 2021, regardless of whether they are employed elsewhere, even in the public administration./Pamfleti

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