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Donika Prela, the last shield of government’s corruption. Rama gets his “soldiers” into action to save him from Vetting College

Behind-the-scenes details, Vetting’s basic commission transcribes the decision on Donika Prela that willmakeway for her dismissaldue to illegal assets.The last hope rests on the International Monitoring Operation appalledat Prela’sassets.

 If the “decadent” opposition is the reason why Edi Rama is not falling from power, despite the many scandals, today Donika Prela is the key person who is keeping the justice away from the corrupt ministers and directors of Edi Rama. Just as Adriatik Llalla ‘froze’ and closed the corruption files of Sali Berisha, Ilir Meta, Monika Kryemadhi, Lulzim Basha and their soldiers, Donika Prela has become the last shield of Edi Rama’s government, which according to internationals and the Supreme State Audit is the most corrupt government in Europe and one of the most corrupt in the world. Prela is the main factor that is stopping the Prosecution Office for Serious Crimesfrom accusing ministers and former ministers of Rama, Vangjush Dako and Qazim Sejdini, directors and former directors, caughtred-handed while stealing through tenders and mafia concessions.

In any normal country of the world, where the justice is independent of power, the scandal for the New Ring Road, the wiretaps on the vote rigging, thefts in health and in all major government branches, would suffice for the most of the ruling gangs to end up in prison. Just as though nothing happened, none of the ministers and former ministers is accused today. With the change of laws in the framework of judicial reform, the corruption, concealment of assets and money laundering by senior officials is no longer under the jurisdiction of the General Prosecutor Office but under the jurisdiction of the Prosecution Office for Serious Crimes. The latter, under the leadership of DonikaPrela, has not brought any accusation against any of the higher officials, thus becoming an “antechamber” of the government.

After Donika Prela gave evidence of loyalty, Edi Rama put his “soldiers” in action once again at the Law Commission and beyond, to save Donika Prela from Vetting. The Vetting’s first commission found that Donika Prela could not justify her assets, but after the power intervened, they decided to confirm her on duty. Such illegal decisions have been earlier taken by the Independent Qualification Commission (KPK), but these decisions have been overturned by the Special Appellate College, as it was in the case of Bashkim Dede, which was confirmed by KPK but was dismissed by the College. Based on this standard, the Appellate College must dismiss Donika Prela from office, and this is expected to happen soon.

This situation has alarmed the government. Edi Rama’s “soldiers” have been gotten into action in order to avoid the appeal of the decision onPrela. The Independent Qualification Commission has been holding the decision hostage for several weeks and is not transcribing the decision. Without transcribing the decision, the Public Commissioner cannot make a decision on whether or not to ask the Appellate College to dismiss Prela, as they did in other similar cases. The government is interested in postponing the decision as long as they can. Donika Prela has taken courage and has applied to become part of the Special Prosecution Office. This move is a pressure on the Public Commissioner so that they will not demand her dismissal. On the other hand, PD (Democratic Party) and LSI (Socialist Movement for Integration) are not sayinganything, sincePrelahas not opened their files, thus following Adriatik Llalla’s strategy.

The last hope for DonikaPrela’s dismissal from justice rests on the International Monitoring Operation. The representatives of the IOM, during the hearing session, were appalled at the way Prela tried to justify her assets. Given the findings shown in the hearing, the International Monitoring Operation, where the government cannot have access in, is expected to recommend the Public Commissioner to request the Special Appellate College to dismiss Donika Prela. So far, the government has managed to draw its influence only upon the Independent Qualification Commission. Donika Prela’s dismissal is now a test of the independence and impartiality of the Public Commissioner and the Special Appellate College./Pamfleti

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