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Albania/ Massive theft of taxes, ALL 2 billion damage only by replacing the thieves

 The General Directorate of Taxation is playing havoc with tenders and VAT reimbursement, millions of eurosstolen, no responsible persons in prison


The General Directorate of Taxation and its affiliates are still the largest center of corruption and waste of taxpayers’ money in Albania. The Supreme State Audit has found over ALL 2 billion damage only with the illegal replacement of a group of thieves with another group of thieves. We are referring to the illegal dismissals from work on the purpose of hiring other thieves of the party. This has cost a lot to the joint budget of Albanians and no one has been brought before the court for this “calamity” with illegal dismissals and appointments. This report refutes once again Edi Rama’s propagandaon the appointments to the administration based on meritocracy. The report confirms that group of thievesare leaving the “board” and are being replacedby another group of thieves, while the cost is paid by Albanians.

The Supreme State Audit ascertained that: “From the liquidation conducted through the bank, it was found that liquidations were conducted for 242 employees in the amount of ALL 198,627,790, unjustly dismissed in the previous years who have won all the judicial proceedings at all levels of trials as well payment for enforcement expenses in the amount of ALL 9,847,074. So the sum of ALL 208,474,864 has unduly overburdened the state budget. The General Directorate of Taxation, in December 2017 had 185 vacancies in its structure and no measures were taken to fill the structure with employees who hadwon the judicial processes for returning to workbut who have not been returned, but instead, new employees have been hired.The State Supreme Audit has found massive theft with tenders in Taxes. However, the dominant theft in this sector continues to be the illicit VAT refund.

According to the Supreme State Audit, “from the audit of VAT refund procedures for 2017, only for a sample of 17 cases selected from entities that were reimbursed into liquidity was ascertained that the following have been reimbursed in violation of taxpayer control procedures:

A……  with “Vegetable and Fruits Export” activity, D … with “Wholesale and retail of fruits and vegetables and their import-export” activity, V …., “Road Transport of Goods” activity and M … … LLC, with a value of irregularities amounting to ALL 3,463 thousand and irregularities in the implementation of deadlines for the payment of approved reimbursement values by the General Directorate of Taxation which exposes the unit to a risk of unnecessary payment obligations for the amount of ALL 38,778 thousand./Pamfleti

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