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Wolf bites for money, Rama orders the new ministers to take money from Gjiknuri and Ahmetaj.

Fierce battle for the sacks of money in the corral of power,the first bundle of 225 million euros of Gjiknuri and Bashkim Ulaj is blocked, now the course of action has just began to block Ahmetaj’s money.

Now it is clear that after the changes in the government, a fierce battle is loomingfor the money in the corral of power. Apparently the two targets of Rama were Damian Gjiknuri and Arben Ahmetaj. As soon as he replaced Damian Gjiknuri with Belinda Balluku, the latter took outofthe hands of Gjiknuri and of the power oligarch, Bashkim Ulaj, a sum of 225 million euros, wherefrom they planned to steal and then share half of that money. After Gjiknuri dismissal, brandedfor the tender scandal of the New Ring Road, Rama ordered Balluku to cancel the 225 million euro concession for the Thumanë-Kashar axis.

Yesterday Rama gave Gjiknuri another blow, forcing the Director of the Transmission System Operator, Klodian Gradeci, to resign, being involved in the ‘DH Albania’ scandal, behind which it is already known that there is Bashkim Ulaj, but the prosecution is dealing with small fishes. Skerdi Drenova has been appointed in his place. The latter was previously the head of the Local Urban Construction Inspectorate (INUV) in Tirana. Earlier, Drenova was fired from Veliaj.

Now the target is on the money stashed away by Arben Ahmetaj, who played and still plays behind the scenes with Ilir Meta, considered as the father of corruption in the Balkans. Apparently Ahmetaj and Gjiknuri have played more for themselves, certainly in collaboration with the oligarchs, just as Fatmir Xhafaj was punished after his actions of fighting the gangs, by sending Prime Minister Rama off. Today, anew accusation came out: Ahmetaj was accused in the Parliament of having received another 21 million euros.

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