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What a shame: The “Basketball game” Metaj, Bushati, Rama, Cakaj, with the post (ball) of the minister, Kosovo leads the two Ministries of Foreign Affairs.

The state sold for parts/The Council of Ministers is led by Alex Soros, TonyBlair and Baton Haxhiu, the economy and finances are led by BashkimUlaj’s cousins from Gjakova and Richard Luka (ABI Bank), the education, customs and regional politicsare led by the KosovarsBesaShahini, LulzimRafunaandShkëlzenMaliqi, the culture is led by the Austrian Fate Velaj, the army is led by NATO, the Police is ledby DEA, the Bank is led by the IMF, the justice is led by the International Monitoring Operation, the Prime Minister Rama leads only the PPP and “FB” where he prates of the poverty and the escape of his people, while the Presidency is led by ÇimPeka and Gjik “Punchinello”.

On the day the prime minister was self-appointed Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, by shutting his eyes to anyone inside the Socialist Party’s dome, “PAMFLETI” foreshadowed Rama’s scenario with the delegation of ministerial competences to Gent Cakaj, making him the “de facto” minister of Albanian diplomacy, while he himself will be the “de jure” minister, decreed by IlirMetaj, the President, who, was “left holding the bag”.

And this is what the clown prime minister did, playing a “basketball” game, where the president took the post (ball) from Bushati, and passed it to Rama, who threw it to Gent Cakaj, by showing and proving publicly that Albania is a ridiculous state with a government run by rapscallions.
By giving full administration of the duties of the head of state diplomacy to Gent Cakaj from Kosovo, starting from today, Kosovo is leading the Ministries of ForeignAffairs of both Kosovo and the Republic of Albania, while Kosovar “scientists”, for 5 years, have been also leading approximately 80% of the other sectors of the Albanian government.
It is an adventure to leave the diplomacy of an EU candidate country in the hands of an inexperienced “callow”, when well-known and high-quality personalities are required to manage the opening of negotiations with the EU, in whose countries, Minister Gent Cakaj is not allowed to enter even as a visitor, since Kosovo’s visas are not liberalized yet, so he asked for Albanian citizenship.
If Gent Cakajhad read more than all Albanians, Kosovars, and Americans, and prime minister-art teacher, he should have been appointed Director of the National Library, but not a top diplomat, since if he was so capable, he would be appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo and with “the world-class diplomatic capacity” that he possesses, let him convince the skeptical countries, to recognize the Republic of Kosovo.

But as far as we have seen and heard, on the day that Rama, put the Albanian diplomacy at Gent Cakaj’s door, we fear that with his “diplomacy” Gent Cakaj will make such a mess of this country that after 107 years, the USA-EU might even not recognize the Albanian state, build up by Ismail Qemali, in 1912 -1913.

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