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US report, this is how Fatmit Mediu and Aldo Bumçi gave account of Gërdec to Shkëlzen Berisha

Fatmir Mediu and Aldo Bumçi served as Shkëlzen Berisha soldiers in the death business in Gërdec. The National Bureau of Investigation and the Special Prosecution have in their hand a report by the US Embassy in Tirana, for the real responsible persons of Gërdec, who escaped justice, since justice was kept under Sali Berisha’s control. According to the report that the Embassy sent to the US State Department, Bumçi, who during that time wasthe Minister of Justice, reported to Shkelzen Berisha about the government’s decision to work for the death workshop where ammunition was disassembled.

The former Minister of Justice Aldo Bumçi sent a fax to the Ministry of Defense for Gërdec, but previously he had sent a copy to Shkëlzen Berisha. It is not known yet where Aldo Bumçi based this decision, that is, to send the official letters to the children of former Prime Minister Sali Berisha.

Aldo Bumci denied this fact, but he was discovered very soon, because Bumçi’s secretary confirmed this fact to the prosecution. But Bumçi did not report to Shkëlzen only via fax, but reported directly to him as well. These meetings are confirmed in the secret report that the US embassy in Tirana sent to the US State Department. “In a statement, the secretary of the Minister of Justice Aldo Bumci,told on at least two meetings between Bumçi and Shkëlzen in 2007. And when she was asked about a letter that Bumçi sent to Mediu for approval of the draft law that would open the way to the ammunition disassembling in Gërdec, she confirmed that Bumçi had written on the cover “to Shkelzen Berisha”. After this testimony, Bumçi, still a deputy (and the “hound” of the Democratic Party), accused his former secretary of slander and suedher. Afraid, the secretary publicly stated that the testimony was false, as it is said in thecablegram of the US Embassy.

Indeed, Bumçi sued his secretary. “The denunciation is not for slander, but for false testimony, which is a criminal offense. A false testimony tothe Judicial Police Officers. A false testimony does not need tobe denounced, since the prosecution is aware of this denouncement, of this fake testimony since July 2008, “Bumçi said.

The US Embassy reported to the US state department that everyone reported to Shkëlzen. “Telephone recordings reveal that only a few hours after March 15, 2008, when the explosion in Gërdec occurred, the Minister of Defense Mediuphoned Berisha’s son four times. Then, Mihal Delijorgji, the owner of Albademil (the company which operated in Gërdec) phoned Shkëlzen only 30 minutes after the explosion. From January to the day of the explosion, Delijorgji had called Shkëlzen 56 times. In addition, from the confiscated notes of the secretaries of the Ministry of Defense it was shown that during 2007 and 2008 the former Minister Mediu had frequent meetings with Shkëlzen. At a meeting Shkëlzen requested Mediu to increase the supply of Gërdec ammunition “, it is said in the cablegram.

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