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Mafia State / Rama “delegates” the competencies of going to the birthday of Beso of Taiwan Center, to Taulant Balla

Since Prime Minister Rama took his post as Foreign Minister, and with the opening of a drawing exhibition in Germany, representing the “happy life of the Albanians during the five years of his rule”, he could not join the brotherly invitation of Taiwan’s Beso, to be the “Honored Guest”, on January 26, 2019, on the occasion ofthe birthday of ARMO’s kingpin of crime.
As he has recently created a trend, with government posts, and referring to the “Code” of mafia gangs that are tied to “Rilindja” power, the government’s mob boss Edi Rama did not leave his deserved seat as an honored guest empty, at the banquet of the birthday of his partner in casino and drug trafficking, by sending his personal vicegerent of mafia ties.
Prime Minister Rama “delegated” the competencies of going to the birthday of the top trafficker, his friend, who has been depriving 1000 workers of salaries for 5 years, Beso of Taiwan Center, to Taulant Balla.

Who, through import-export fictitious frauds, has stolen €110 million euros from the state, who by failing to pay taxes, customs and through local power, has burdened ARMO with €590 million of debts, and that due to Besos’s criminal deals , ARMO is taken hostage by Russians and Serbs.
While the Prime Minister is connected with him through their friendship and their deals together, hindering justice and the state to arrest and punish this mob boss, has even forgiven €590 euros of debt liability to the state, a debt which is the taxes of the Albanians and with which he his building the casino business.
In his absence, Rama maintains ties with Taiwan’s Beso through the “sly” Taulant Balla “The Doctor of International Sciences” who has only attended 2 years of high school for agriculture in the village, but who is currently the head of the political and legislative power in Albania and the chair of the delegation to the EU Council.
No wonder why in any of Edi Rama’s ties with the criminal deals, the “delegated of competencies” is Dr. Taulant Balla, as he is on the birthday of Taiwan’s Beso, as in the case of Rexhep Rraaj, Edmond Bego, the middlemen of the University of Elbasan, Çapaj family from Elbasan, 3.5 million euros caught in Durrës, etc.

While the prime minister of mafia gangs, his charlatan ministers and deputies, continue to “have orgies”, make deals, be involved in trafficking and do crime businesses with Taiwan’s Beso, the 1000 unemployed and unpaid oilmen in Ballsh, continue to listen and believe Edi Rama and Taulant Balla, in the hope that they will solve their problems caused by Taiwan’s Beso.

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