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Berisha’s denunciation: Meta and Monika killed two persons, hid their graves in Dajti Mountain, will spend their lives in jail.

Former Prime Minister Berisha denounced the murder of two persons by Meta-Monika, and also Meta for being the leader of most dangerous clan of trafficking in Albania. Will the Special Anti-Corruption and Organized Crime Structure (SPAK) carry out investigations for the search of two hidden graves in Dajti Mountain?

Former Prime Minister Sali Berisha, long before ruling with Ilir Meta in 2009, denounced two murders committed by Ilir Meta and Monika Kryemadhi. We remember this denunciation because during the last two days, Berisha gave two blows to Ilir Meta, first for the decreeing Rama as Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, and second for the vote buying in Saranda and Delvina through the Escobar of the Balkans, Klement Balili, the closest person to Meta and Monika. This denunciation may also be subject to investigation by SPAK. According to Berisha, Meta and Monika are under suspicion of hiding two graves in Dajti Mountain.

Sali Berisha also denounced that Ilir Meta represents the most dangerous clan of trafficking in Albania. Berisha declared: “For the Democratic Party, Ilir Meta is the man representing the most dangerous clan of trafficking in Albania, drug trafficking, child trafficking and the human trafficking of young women. In our history, he is the man who along with his gangs sent Albania to the top of the list of our planet’s countries, for sex slavery, drugs, children and arms trafficking. The two of them (Ilir Meta and his wife) are under suspicion of hiding two graves in Dajti Mountain. It will not be long before Ilir Meta goes behind bars. ”

This is one of the worst accusations that a former prime minister makes for another former prime minister. Such accusations, with the adoption of judicial reform, are the subject of the National Bureau of Investigation, Special Prosecution Office and Special Courts. Meta is charged with connections to organized crime, trafficking and murder, even in a confidential OSCE mission report. Following the publication of this report, Tirana’s political mafia joined and started to attack the OSCE, threw the OSCE ambassador out of Tirana and threatened for such reports to stop being published.

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