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What does Ilir Meta have to do with earthquake prediction and do artificial earthquakes exist?

There is no researcher in the world, not even the bravest ones, who can dare to claim the
predictability of an earthquake. Because of many conditions, the combination of immense
natural phenomena, it is completely impossible to say whether there will be an earthquake, let
alone to predict the exact time and magnitude, always referring to science. But, surprisingly,
Ilir Meta, either due to his predictive powers or because he really knows something, 2 months
ago, at a special press conference, warned of an apocalyptic earthquake, which, according to
him, had come from the consultations he had had with the well-known Greek seismologist,
Akis Tselentis.

At that time, to everyone’s surprise, knowing that earthquakes cannot be predicted, but also
due to the fact that the Greek seismologist himself, Tselentis, firmly denied not only this
claim, but also having contacted Ilir Meta, the matter was passed over in silence.

Apparently the gloomy news was seen as a tomfoolery of the President rather than a real
warning. But, as luck would have it, on September 21st, a great earthquake, followed by
some minor aftershocks, hit Albania, with its epicenter in the sea and from a position where
the tremor can be easily felt in Tirana.

Prime Minister Edi Rama was about to take his trip to America, and this coincidence made
him change his route, Ilir Meta ran to Durrës, near the epicenter and with his typical stoicism
made the next shocking statement: “We must remain vigilant because we are in a problematic

As we already stated, the earthquakes cannot be predicted and the vigilance is irrelevant here.
You can advise people to be careful, prepared, but the word vigilant is completely irrelevant
to the specific case.

If we are talking about a problematic region, we are truly problematic, but not because of the
earthquakes. Albania is part of the Balkan region which is not treated as a region with high
seismic activity. Our country faces Italy, and this can truly make it more exposed, but we are
not in the same region with Italy.

Thus, hearing Ilir Meta’s warning to be vigilant because we are part of a problematic region,                                                                                                                                                                                            raises the question if it is simply a mistake or is the warning
still in effect?! Strange though it may seem, artificial earthquakes exist and are really
possible, not by individuals or organizations, but on the account of great powers and for                                                                                                                                                                                            welldefined geo-political-economic purposes.

These earthquakes from serious classified information in the network are mainly induced in
the water and have a specific target.
Now the question is: is yesterday’s earthquake a quirk of fate and is Ilir Meta the best
fortune-teller in the region, or was the divination first and then the fate befell the country?

For this, even the well-known Greek seismologist, Akis Tselentis, whose name was used by
Ilir Meta for his speculation in July, when we warned of this drama, commented today in his
Facebook account: Ilir Meta, no comment!

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