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Negotiations will be opened with a set of conditions; Greece sets more requirements, Edi Rama gets the party started.

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Negotiations will be opened with a set of conditions; Greece sets more requirements, Edi Rama gets the party started.

Negotiations will be opened with a set of conditions; Greece sets more requirements, Edi Rama gets the party started.

The truth of EU decision and the psychopathy of a Prime Minister who refuses to accept the truth

While all signals indicate that the EU will open negotiation for North Macedonia, but not forAlbania, Edi Rama has already started the after-party. It seems bad luck, brought by anirresponsible political class, will heavily penalize Albanians, by making us the only country that Europe cannot accept as a partner. Despite their desire!

To put it bluntly, this is the truth of Albania’s journey to Europe, for now. How come Edi Rama got the party started then? How can we explain his statuses posted yesterday, where he thanked Germany for the pro-Albania decision? Didn’t he understand, or does he pretend, or does he even truly believe that Albanians are so stupid as to fail to understand this?

The truth is that the German parliament will vote tomorrow for the opening of negotiations. But, while for Albania there will be conditions, the negotiations for Macedonia will likely begin as early as January of the next year. The Bundestag is expected to release the document which will clarify and formalize the German decision in the EU Council. The document will be determined by a majority vote at the request of two parliamentary majority groups CDU/CSIU and the Social-Democratic Party. It is stated precisely there that North

Macedonia’s way is opened; while Albania must meet some other conditions in order to achieve this. DW sources said yesterday that Germany has sent nine conditions and they did not come as a surprise neither for Albanians nor for our politicians. First, Germany requires the functioning of the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court; the legalization of the elections of June 30; the adoption and implementation of the electoral reform; the clean-up of the justice system, but most of all, the prosecution of judges and prosecutors who have not passed the

Vetting exam; bringing to justice those accused of selling and buying votes; the commencement of the work from the Special Prosecution Office (SPAK); real results in the fight against corruption and organized crime; public administration reform. In other words, these are all those “impossible missions” for Rama government, the criminalized opposition led by Berisha, Basha, Kryemadhi and Meta. Because upon fulfillment of these conditions, the imprisonment will be near, first for Rama and his own fellows and next for the other criminal cast in front of him.

So what’s the party for?

While we expect France’s decision (no surprise or change is expected from Germany), the conditions set by Angela Merkel’s party are being reviewed in the relevant Commissions at Bundestag, and a 45-minute plenary session will be held tomorrow and at the end the decision will be taken by vote. As if that were not enough, another surprise was announced yesterday from Greece. The official Athens responded by stating that it supports Albania joining to the EU, by fulfilling all conditions and by highlighting once again the Greek minority issue in Albania. Greece requires the guarantee the right of the minority for self-determination throughout Albanian territory.

Do you know what this means?

On the other hand, we know the position of Netherlands, a country which just a few weeks ago submitted to the European Parliament the proposal to restore the visa regime for Albania. This can clearly show how far we are from the negotiations. However, Edi Rama celebrates. Only God knows why, and his party started yesterday where every social media site was filled with thanks and gratitude for the opening of negotiations. How come the psychopathy of our country’s prime minister be so severe? Of course, at the moment no one can say what the final position of the EU Council will be on October 17. But it is certain that the chances of Albania to have its doors opened unconditionally are very close to 0. Only through conditions, maybe yes!

So instead of setting off fireworks, Edi Rama should come to his senses and bring, at least, a normal situation in the country. Although it is impossible for him and people like him, at least he should not make fun of Albanians (of those who are still within the country’s borders)./Pamfleti

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