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Meta-Berisha call Basha for the pact with Rama, forcing him to deny negotiations

The visit of the U.S. Senior Official to Tirana shatters Rama-Meta duo. Rama-Basha have
reached the deal for the electoral reform and the destruction of the Socialist Movement for
Integration (LSI).

The visit of the head of the Central and Southern Europe to the U.S. Department of State,
David Kostelacik, who refused to meet Ilir Meta and Sali Berisha, has set in motion the
Albanian Politics. The U.S. Senior Official gave two clear messages to Sali Berisha and Ilir
Meta. First, he said that the justice reform is in the hands of America. Second, he demanded
the approval of the justice reform. After the second message, Edi Rama and Lulzim Basha
have agreed not to change the system and to maintain this electoral threshold in order to
destroy LSI in the upcoming local elections. To strike on the final pact, Rama and Basha have
appointed Taulant Balla and Oerd Bylykbashi.

Rama’s rapprochement with Basha has alarmed Berisha-Meta duo. Yesterday, the duo called
Basha for explanation. Basha stayed at Meta’s office for about one hour. After that, he went
to Berisha’s office. During the meetings, Meta and Berisha forced Basha to make a public
statement that there is no pact with Rama. Yesterday afternoon, Gazmend Bardhi went public
for Basha, stating that “I confirm that there is no pact and there will be no pact until the
condition for free and fair elections is met. This is not a matter of a pact between two
individuals, but of principles and standards so that we no longer have such an institutional,
constitutional, political, representational crisis, as the president calls it in the future.”

Earlier, on Wednesday, Ilir Meta seemed deeply concerned about Rama’s rapprochement
with Basha. Meta tried to ridicule their rapprochement, but could not hide his dismay. Meta
said: “There is nothing than love, but what is more important, is the responsibility, and I think
that both of them have reflected a great lack of responsibility for a long time, especially
during this year. This has been an artificial situation, I have said it even before, the Albanians
do not deserve it, since this polarization does not live in below, in the society, in the
neighborhood, communities, villages, this is an antagonism which comes from above, but it
also seems as an antagonism orchestrated from the outside, to keep Albania in a deadlock, not
having those credentials as a NATO country that should have opened the negotiations, and
whose people abandon the country. If they reflect right now, it would be great./Pamfleti

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