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The whole state at the service of “fines”: Mafia business of soil transportation intimidates construction

Part of the dirty business of 3 landfill sites of urban waste in Tirana, Elbasan and Fier is also the monopoly “trust” of soil transportation and construction waste, which is carried out by a special decision of the government and through violence from municipalities, taxes, IKMT (National Territorial Defense Inspectorate), state police and strong groups, who observe and threaten construction investors, speaking on behalf of the prime minister, ministers, deputies, chiefs police officers and directorswho are known to be part of Edi Rama’s clan, while these “strong men” are allowed to use cars with false plates.

In addition to the threats and corruption from the “bosses” of power, construction businesses are being intimidated and extorted by “Mërtiri -Nallbani-Zoto” band, the first two exponents with criminal precedents in Albania and abroad, and the third, Klodian Zoto, the top thief of “Telecom” with a criminal record, a concessionaire of 3 landfill sites alongsideTirana-Durrës-Elbasan-Fier-Vlorë area.

According to the facts denounced by “PAMFLETI”, it is the transportation of soil and inertwhich are a ‘waste” coming from the construction activity, which, until the end of May 2015, each business had its own means of disposing them, by taking them to the “waste collection points”, designated by municipalities and former municipalities, according to Law No. 9010, dated 13.2.2003, amended by Law No.10 137, dated 11.5.2009.

However, since June 2015, construction companies of any type of private and public investment facility are obliged to dispose the inert and soil waste only through the concessionary company “Integrated Energy B.V” (3 landfills of Tirana-Fier-Elbasan), since this is how Edi Rama has decided in the DCM No. 575, dated 24. 06. 2015, making thus a decision above the law!

This clientelist decision was approved to mask the violent extortionaffectingconstruction businesses through taxes, police, IKMT, in the interest of “Mërtiri-Nallbani-Zoto” mafiagang, who have turned this type of thievery into business monopoly, since the companies, feeling horrified and threatened with fines, seizuresanddeprivation of licenses, are forced to make the transportation of soils only through this gang.

This scheme has nothing to do with environmental standards, but only with millions of Euros profits, because the profits are divided this way: Mertiri and Nallbani get 60% of the value coming from the transportation, while Klodian Zoto who has 3 landfills and the vehicles gets 40% of the transportation value and records the amount of soil and inert as waste in the landfills, so that he can getpaid from the municipalities.

He who invented this kind of business, with open criminal offense “impositionofproperty seizure using official stamps and acts”, is Benard Nallbani from Fier, convicted of trafficking of women and drugs in Italy, with strong ties to Albanian politics.

Meanwhile KlodianZoto, the “penguin” of the concession of the 3 landfills where 70% of the profit is received by Linda Rama, Vilma Nushi, Erjon Veliaj and Damian Gjiknuri, has old tieswith the latter since before 2005 when Zoto was an advisor at the Ministry of Defense, where Gjiknuri was Secretary General and PandeliMajko, the Minister.

Former Finance Minister Arben Ahmetajis represented in this business by Klodian Mërtiri from Tepelena, the“Greek” drug trafficker, family member of the deputy Alekt Hyseni, who also has his own “share” in the transportation of soils.

Today, we are publishing three of the schemes that are openly used by the “Mertiri-Nallbani-Zoto” band to carry out the transportation business of inert waste and soils, whose value is tens of millions of euros a year.

Here are the 4 mafia schemes at the service of soil and inert waste gang

  1. Mayors in Tirana, Durrës, Elbasan, Librazhd, Lushnja, Fier, Roskovec, Patos, Vlora and in the municipalities around the landfills have mobilized municipal police groups that control and force the builders, even investors, to transport the soils and waste through the companies of the landfills, introducing them the gang representatives: Klodain Mërtiri and Benard Nallbani, who supervise the companies’ trucks so they will not be diverted.
  2. The two “ruffians”, KlodianMërtiri and BenardNallbani, have set up surveillance groups as private agents(detectives), with false license plates and anonymous individuals tracing business trucks, and reporting any diversion case to the municipal police.
  3. When it comes to the confrontation with the owners or business drivers, the intervention is made by Benard Nallbani, who, with Ardi Veliu’s permission, has access to the state traffic police (available groups) to intervene and act through “their methods”.
  4. If the construction companies refuse to transport the soils with the band of the “three musketeers” in the landfills, the mayors force them to take the waste to 5-6 collection points, intentionally approved for threats, to the mountainous and suburban areas of the municipalities, with dangerous streets and at a distance 5-15 times bigger than thelandfills of KlodianZoto “the penguin”.



  • Who are the true bosses behind this gang that is intimidating construction in the capital, who are using these individuals with criminal precedents in Albania and abroad?
  • How much is the monthly amount of soil and inert waste that is disposed with this scheme and how many millions are lost by the state?
  • What punitive attitude do the heads of IKMT from the municipalities and prefectures take to private entities and what are their deals with the “penguin” of the landfills?
  • Where are the 187 temporary landfills of inert waste, set up by municipalities outside and far from landfills, as a means of pressure on construction businesses?
  • How much money is recorded each month for fictitious volumes of soils and inert waste allegedly transported to landfills?
  • How many denunciations have been made to the police and prosecution against this violent thievery and against the two “ruffians” Klodian Mërtiri and Benard Nallbani, and what is ArtaMarku’s and Sandër Lleshaj’s attitude to this case?

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