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The “sect” of riff-raffs dominating Albania: From the “girl with the red scarf”,  Xhelal Mziu, to the “jackpot”,  Safet Gjici.

From Xhelal Mziu “the dragon”, Fran Frrokaj who is like “Tuc Maku”, to the traffickers of women and the thieves like Tërmet Peçi, Artur Bushi and Agron Kapllanaj, the imam who became a priest, Petrit Sinaj, the men of the local government who should be in prison but who became the first citizens due to politics. The riff-raffs who come from the “jackpot”, Safet Gjici, to the illiterate, Rakip Suli, following the “girl with the red scarf” in Kamza, here is how the “sect” of the riff-raffs is dominating the local government.

 The local government in Albania has always been a shelter for all people who are criminals, who are there just to accomplish the criminal mission of politics.

If you have a look at all of them who have run the municipalities in Albania, or who are aspiring to run it, you will come to the conclusion that most of them are disgusting riff-raffs.

None of them has done any good in life, like reading a book, working hard, but they have only taken advantage in the name of the failed Albanian democracy and have killed, have committed fornication, have trafficked and stolen the money of the citizens and those who are defenseless.

In normal conditions, in a normal country with democracy, public awareness, politics, and average justice, these kinds of people would be in prison.

But Albanian politics has exploited such a contingent, taken from the darker corners of the “lumpenproletariat”,which does not even reach the average level of Albanian citizens, and has appointed them at the top of the local government.

And this contingent of people, starting from the riff-raffs who live in our neighborhoods, in our villages, to the activities under the bridge in emigration, to the most dirty corners of human trafficking, drugs, thieves, who implemented this dirt at the local government level.

Politics saw these wicked and ungodly people, the “kethiidas” through whomnot only they robbed the citizens, but they also told them“you deserve them”, by destroying thus the dignity of the Albanians.

To be fair and specific, we are listing some of the riff-raffs who are representatives of local government.

Xhelal Mziu, the “dragon” of corruption in Kamza and the “girl with the red scarf” of the administration.

If the dialectics of human development had been followed, Xhelal Mziu would have been the minimum of a simple citizen, if not a night watchman, someone who minded his own business.

But with his level of development and intellect, which is disproportional to the desire to destroy the village and to make money, Mziu would end up in prison.

For the “riff-raffs” of the local government, the dialectics of humanity and power does not function properly,so we can even call them “bastards”.

For three mandates Xhelal Mziu kept stealing, winning the tenders, put his hands on the Albanians’ money but also on the legs of the women who worked in the public administration, which have been made public through his pervert messages, personified in the only movie he has seen “The girl with the red scarf”.

Tërmet Peçi, the “Publicist” who traffics women and drugs

He is a typical man who never worked in his life, allergic to books, with an insufficient and suspicious education, but who can “smell” money, drugs, prostitutes or public money from far away.

For Tërmet Peçi the hand which put him at the head of Tepelena municipality is a blessing, the hand which put such a base person like him, a “hick” like him, because he should have been in prison now.

He trafficked as many women as he could from Memaliaj, then from Tepelena, Berat, and then from the surrounding areas, some of which did not have high sale quotas, so he used them in the filthy neighbors of Europe and to this day they work for him.

Rama “caught” and put him at the head of Tepelena municipality, and Tërmeti rewarded him by making this area into a drug plantation and a shelter for the top traffickers, including Klemend Balili.

But Tërmeti stole everything, meeting thus the criteria of a base person.

Fran Frrokaj, “Tuç Maku” of lands in Lezha

The mayor of Lezha, Fran Frrokaj, is often referred to as “Tuç Maku” of this area, due to the lands he has acquired since he was elected the head of the municipality.

He is a “devourer” of land on the seashore, a mission which he started when he was a mayor in Shënkoll for three mandates.

Under normal circumstances he could have been a shepherd in Qafë Mali in Puka, or just a leader of stockbreeding brigade.

While the highest rank he could have received would be the prison, followed by our expression “men can survive the prison”.

But now Fran Frrokaj, typically acquiring land like a “hick”, and firmly tied to the small things, was placedat the head of Lezha municipality, thus being the top base person of this area and of the local government.


Petrit Sinaj, Ilir Meta’s “son-in-law” in Berat who was converted from an imam to a priest

Among the riff-raffs at the head of the local government there is a “worthy” representative from LSI (Socialist Movement for Integration).

Petrit Sinaj, thanks to the sublime sacrifice of marrying Ilir Meta’s first cousin, the conversion from the Islamism to Christianity, the conversion from the Islamic radical sect asa former goer of the Islamic Foundation “El Hagri” to Evangelical, the same way he converted himself in politics.

Under normal circumstances, he would be in prison, since the Islamic foundation he used to gowas outlawed as terrorism, but since he was a “riff-raff” and a preacher, he got away with it, and after he was converted to a evangelical pastor, he “kissed” Meta’s “gospel”, LSI.

And this upper-class “riff-raff”wasat the head of Berat municipality, the city of culture, but whose dignity was ruined because of Sina as a mayor.

Artur Bushi, the “head” of the drug dominating Kruja from Sari Salltik

The mayor of Kruja was arrested for drug trafficking in one of the EU countries, and in a normal country, he had to mind his business after the end of the sentence.

Just like a “riff-raff” throughout his career as a trafficker of drugs, prostitutes and other criminal offenses, no one could imagine that one day he would become the mayor.

With the votes that smelled like drugs, prostitution, a descendant from Kruja suburbs, Bushi succeeded in being part of the local government along with his miscreant friends, and thanks to Rama’s support, he commanded Kruja from Sari Salltiku.

Agron Kapllanaj, the head of “pipes” governs Mallakastra

Mallakastra has been remarkable for brave men but also for thieves, in the classical sense of these people who were related to the theft of apartments.

In the past, they did not give their daughters for wives in those areas if you did not steal cattle, as a survival and family inheritance.

But Agron Kapllanaj had nothing to do with this early tradition, since he became the head of the thieves in Italy.

After he stole as much as he could, and was sentenced for stealing, Kapllanaj returned to his homeland to take the lead of Mallakastra municipality for this mandate.

In a normal country he should be in prison, but Albania offered a paradise to him and he became one of the most miscreant representatives of local government, stealing whatever he couldfrom public tenders and public money.


Next “riff-raffs”

“The uneducated” Rakip Suli, who was lucky to fall into “Rama’s” net

If the mayors put the bad deeds to an end now that the mandate is coming to an end in June 30, the Albanians would only suffer half of the damage.

But the politics has thoughts that the miscreants of the local government, instead of being in prison, should be a flourishing “sect”.

One of them is Rakip Suli, the most uneducated man in Albania. They say that he could not even finish the elementary school by himself, but through his dirty works he managed to build a business and to this date he cannot even make simple calculations by himself.

He doesn’t even know the 36 letters of the Albanian alphabet, although he has a diploma which he has paid for, his ties with Rama brought money and heaven for him, where him motto is: “give me the tender and keep half of it”.

Though the value can be millions of euros, he wants the “half”, no more, no less, to then invest what remains from sharing the money with the power.

Now he will compete with “Rakip Suli”, that is, himself, in Kamza, “picking up the baton” if Patozi’s candidate does not bring any surprise from Xhelal Mziu “the dragon”.

Safet Gjici, the “jackpot” and the branded gambler who wants Kukës

Safet Gjici has tried many times to be in power, either in the Parliament or at the head of Kamza municipality but has never succeeded.

A classic miscreant that made fortune through threats with criminals who fined the businesses, then taking over their security to protect them them from Safet Gjici himself.

He has two loves in his life: gambling and taking money from businesses or citizens.

Thanks to Rama’s “love” for this contingent of people, after trying in Kamza and not succeeding, after trying in Kukes as a deputy and failed, Gjici is now trying again in Kukes as a mayor without rivals.

We will talk later for Safet Gjici or as they call him, “Safet the “Jackpot”

Pamfleti”encourages the citizens to write us andexpose this “sect” of riff-raffswho want to take many districts of Albania hostage.

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