The “fog” covering the serious incident in the block area, a scheme to save Ervin Mata’s group, the trafficker of power

All the contaminated propaganda by the traffickers of power cries “why was ErvisMartinaj released”, and no one asks “why was Mevjol Bilo, the killer, not arrested”; why Ervin Mataj, the trafficker tied to the politics, filed by the American DEA, “self-surrendered”,and “fell on his feet”?! Who ordered the spoliation of evidence at the crime scene and who changed the cartridge-cases of the crime gun?

 The development of the incident which occurred on October 4, 2018, inside “Monopol” bar at the block area, where one person was killed and 2 others were injured, seems confusing and obscure, but like all cases of crime, the police expertiseis deliberately messed up and muddled, while the ties of the investigation lead to groups and individuals, tied to dark interests and powers connected to them, as in “Mata-Gjata” case.

7 months have passed since that incident and only 24 hours ago, Ervis Martinaj was released, while according to the information we have, which arrived confidentially from the Institute of Scientific Police, at the director’s behest, Xhevahir Çeloaliaj, 4 expertise reports have been drafted so far, different from one another, in anticipation of another version.

The fact of delayed, incomplete, suspicious and opposite expertise-acts as investigative version presented by the police was proven by the prosecutors and judge, in 5 proceedings and 13 court hearings so far, for the arrest-release-searches of the participants in this incident.

The trick is in the damage of the physical evidence at the crime scene, while only the cameras have been taken, showing who came in and out of the bar, while the participants in the incident declared themselves being present and also declared the reason of the conflict, by accusing the singer, Elvana Gjata, and her boyfriend, Ervin Mata (Mataj).

The dark side, which is covering the cause of the conflict and is hiding the true perpetrators, which is changing it by leading to other people, are the cartridge-cases found on the carpet and tables, which were changed by an interested hand.

Likewise, the disappearance of Redi Popescu’s gun that he had allegedly lost, while the police version was presented as an attack by the victim, Fabian Gaxha (who cannot speak), and as self-defense by the attacked of the group “Mata-Gjata”, who are not self-surrendering and who are still free and not spoken about.

Whoever is interested in blurring and “cleaning up” this crime scene, while it is known that the administration and supervision of evidence was carried out by the director, Ardi Veliu, along with the Director of the Institute of Scientific Police, Xhevair Çeloaliaj, whom he had entrusted, even though he had been accused by his subordinate, Viktor Hjadari, for changing, falsifying and spoiling the evidence even in other the expertise-acts of serious crimes.

Why are the scientific police kicking around with “100 kinds” of different expertise in the courts and prosecutions, which actually disperse a fog with fake cartridge-cases, with contradictory evidence and still unclear footage?

Why are the police and justice pretending they “forgot” the names of the characters, the perpetrators and the participants in this serious incident, who, are set free, to continue with their businesses, for which they have been filed by justice in Albania but have also been arrested by the American DEA in Austria and Brazil, or who have been internationally wanted, who make movies and concerts, where the prime minister also participates as a spectator?

In this case, the characters of this event are not simply individuals but are the “VIPs” of the world of luxury, with millions of incomes from trafficking and the police must know and know very well that singer Elvana Gjata has neither factories, nor ferry and aircraft business.

But it is her fiancé, Ervin Mata, who was a 40% shareholder of Gërdec, who buys rings worth 300,000 euros, who offers her birthday parties worth ALL 500 million, who makes engagement party worth 700,000 euros, who buys her a wedding shop worth 1 million euros, who buys her a car worth 100,000 Euros, an artistic and causal wardrobe worth 600,000 euros, who books her trips and holidays worth 200,000 euros and who pays for a special state police officer as her bodyguard, 5,000 euros per month.

This is why he points the gun to anyone and everywhere, just as he did on October 4 in block area, where Fabio Gaxha was killed, Eljo Hato was paralyzed and Ervis Martinaj was injured, onecannot speak about the truth and the other was held in prison without any evidence being the victim of this incident.

Next, we will bring proofs on the politicians and oligarchs who are interested in cleaning up this serious incident, what are their connections to participants of the incident, what is the role of Ardi Veliu and especially Fatmir Xhafaj and why (!), and the official denunciation of how the Director of the Science Institute at the State Police, Xhevair Çeloaliaj, the former chairman of the Socialist Party and former Port Director of Vlora, dismissed for trafficking, destroyed the evidence./Pamfleti

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