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Suicide bombers Klodian Mërtiri and Benard Nallbani, the “mask” of the mafia monopoly of soil disposal, on the account of 3 landfills.

Out of 2325 construction companies, 227 active companies which carry out nearly 70% of the total volume of the work in construction and infrastructure, are obliged to pay 440-500 leks/m3 of soil, since the state and the local power obliges them to do so, a licensed company which supposedly disposes solid waste at the 3 landfills of Fier, Elbasan and Tirana, a business of the “ghost” company “Inergrated Technology Services” which has extorted the Albanians 250 million euros of concessions and 72 hectares of land, signed by Edi Rama and Ilir Meta when they were governing together.


The government oligarchic mafia, with a structure even in the 5 major districts, Tirana, Durrës, Fier, Vlora, Elbasan, has devised a powerful source of fictitious profit under the official mask of supposedly cleaning public areas from inert waste, from construction companies during their works in these areas.

Everything was staged and is being implemented by the Socialist MP AlketHyseni in co-operation with former ministers Damian Gjiknuri and ArbenAhmetaj through the “doll”, Klodian Zoto, supposedly the boss of the 3 landfills in Elbasan, Fier and Tirana, licensed under the logo “Inergrated Technology Services” and which is operating, under the logo “Integrated Energgy B.V”, in official partnership with Edi Rama’s friend of exhibitions, Giuseppe Ciaffaglione.

Specifically, it is about the disposal (transportation) of inters and souls, which are extracted from construction sites, the building demolitions, dams and water canals, pits of towers and palaces that are to be built, which the companiesmust disposeduring and after the process of excavation.

It is this massive soil and inter disposal, which the building companies, according to their wish, can carry out themselves or through other companies, which are licensed for such transportations, they cannot carry it out through licensed companies, since this process has been invaded by the band of the 3 landfills “Zoto”, in cooperation with the state.

In order to disguise this monopoly business, the boss of the landfills, Klodian Zoto, is using his two “suicide bombers”, Klodian Mërtiri, family member of the deputy Hyseni and BenardNallbani, family member of a media owner and builder, to whom, during the opposition, Prime Minister Rama sent greetings from the screen, and for 5 years, they are partners in construction permits and robbers of public and private lands.

It has been 5 years that illegal but factual monopoly of soil and inert disposal, has been led by Klodian Mërtiri, a boss who threatens the construction businesses with state sanctions, while BenardNallbani (brother-in-law) threatens them with media attacks, so the businesses, in order not to go “like a sheep to the slaughter”, remain silent and obey.

In function of this bandits’ business, it was approved DCM no. 575, dated 24. 06. 2015, proposed by ArbenAhmetaj, LefterKoka and Damian Gjiknuri, a decision that sets out the soil disposal scheme, which should not be done by builders, but only by private waste companies.

Here is the way: The two “suicide bombers”, Klodian Mërtiri and BenardNallbani, through their bosses, have access to the list of construction companies which have received construction permits by the National Council of Territory Adjustment (KRRT) from 61 municipalities or infrastructure investment tenders from ministries and regional directorates, and contact with them, making it clear that they “work for the “bosses” of the state”.

Those who deny obeying are punished by the “triad” MUNICIPALITY-IKMT-ENVIRONMENT, which is in service of this illegal mafia monopoly, which attacks through fines, suspensions of works, charges and seizure anddemolition of objects.

The terror these companies have spread is so absolute, that although the official price of inert disposalin the municipalities is 228 leks / m3, the companies are forced to pay 440-500 leks / m3, imposed by “the suicide bombers”Mërtiriand Nallbani, who also receive illegal approval from the municipalities, since this is how thelaw no. 10463, dated 22.9.2011 “On Integrated Waste Management” imposes.

The pressure and fear of the fair and unfair sanctions from the Municipalities, IKMT (National Inspectorate for the Protection of the Territory) and the Environment, have forced the construction companies, even when they do not want to dispose the inert and soil with this company, to pay the volume fee in cash, and fill the documentswhich state they took them to the 3 landfills of Klodian Zoto, since even from this, the landfills’ boss, has another financial benefit for which we will talk later.

This is why it is an “oddity” that in the areas of the five municipalities of Tirana, Durrës, Fier, Vlora, Elbasan, about 90% of the amount of soil and inert appear disposedon the account of the 3 landfills “Integrated Energy B.V”, which are located inside the “map” of these municipalities, although there are 334 licensed entities in these areas for the disposal of solid waste and soil./Pamfleti


– How much is the monthly quantity of soils that are disposed with this scheme and the total annual value the construction companies are stolen?

– What do the mayors do, when the construction companies want to dispose the waste with their workers and vehicles, and not the companies?

– Which is the IKMT’s and municipal police’s attitude towards the private entities and which are their deals with Klodian Zoto’s landfills?

– What is the role of 187 temporary sites of inert waste, designated by municipalities outside and far from Klodian Zoto’s landfills?

What does the landfills’ boss do in many cases with the amount of soil and solid inert waste?

– Why does the fake boss of the 3 landfills, Klodian Zoto, register the inert waste that is not disposed by him, but is paid by construction companies, as a disposal volume?

– How many “disobedient” construction businesses and investors have been attacked so far, and what financial consequences have they suffered?

– Why did Rama’s government change the Law no. 10448, dated 14.7.2011 “On environmental permits”, adding Annex no. 1, with the text: – “The waste possessor (citizen or builder) is obliged to give this waste only to private operators with a license of type” III-.2.B “, which was actually given even to Klodian Zoto, even though he is not a collector and a transporter but only receives and processes the waste?

– Which are the other activities in Albania and abroad (and which are the names) which the two “suicide bombers” of the soil disposal business, Klodian Mërtiriand Bernard Nallbani deal with?

Moreover, other evidences and facts that “PAMFLETI”,found from the investigation carried out into this giant scheme of theft, created by the Albanian band of waste mafia.

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