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Shocking degeneration, Rama in 2018: The negotiations are opened. Rama in 2019: Hopefully the negotiations will be opened! 

This is how Edi Rama lied about the opening of negotiations one year ago and one year later, the corruption and the government crime oblige Brussels to exclude Albania from the enlargement agenda.

Edi Rama’s government, certified by the US Department of State, the EU institutions and the Supreme State Audit as the most corrupt and incriminated government in the history of the Albanian nation, is the sole responsibility for interrupting the country’s journey to join the EU. Apart from being corrupt and incriminated, Edi Rama’s government is both ridiculous and morally degraded, due to the massive lies and propaganda. Last June Edi Rama launched the most ridiculous and humiliating campaign for the citizens with an average intelligence level, propagating that the negotiations had been opened for Albania be part of the EU thanks to the reforms of his government. All the “fleas” and “locusts” that jump around power began singing Rama’s song that the negotiations had been opened.

On June 26, 2018, Rama wrote: “After 72 hours in the internal waves of the EU, Albania managed to get the date of entering into the EU’s port! The results of our reforms were so high that even the most skeptical ones now recognize the merits of Albania and Macedonia! An extremely fierce battle was won and the war goes on!” One year later, even the blindest militants and those who were most influenced by “endrifuga” propaganda, realized that the negotiations have not been opened. Not only have the negotiations not been opened, but one year later, the Netherlands wants to return visas, France does not even agree to have a discussion on the negotiations and Germany is asking for the conditions. Within one year Edi Rama, thanks to the media offensive, invasion of the administration by the party’s slaves and rulers’ lovers, thanks to an economic damage at Albanians’ expense worth 1.7 billion euros per year, corruption at all levels, trafficking of hard drugs (as confirmed by US Department of State) etc., led Brussels to remove Albania from the integration agenda.

Nearly a year after saying that negotiations had been opened, yesterday Edi Rama said that “June is near”. We hope and believe that the European Commission will give a positive recommendation, without conditions, on the formal opening of negotiations, which means that at the level of homework assessment carried out by the Commission, we take what we are entitled to, the merit for completing all homework. Then the recommendation goes to the European Council, consisting of 28 member states, which evaluate the recommendation at the political level and last year there the majority of the countries accepted the recommendation and asked for the immediate opening of the negotiations, but some of them, due to internal political reasons, in their electoral realities demanded that this issue should be considered after the European elections which will be held at the end of May”. If negotiations were opened last year, why does Edi Rama say he hopes the European Commission recommends the opening of negotiations this year? This is just an example of the size of the Albanian government’s degeneration with Edi Rama./Pamfleti

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