Romeo Shehu, Gaz Demi’s driver, Çiljeta’s “toy boy”, the truck driver of hashish who will investigate “VIP” businesses

Prime Minister Rama is still continuing his adventures of criminalization of public administration by appointing exponents of mafia at the head of strategic sectors, supporting his family gang which administers all public funds.

 Prime Minister Rama is renewing the crime structures and domes of the public administration, especially in the sectors where all public funds, imports, VAT, excises, exports and VIP business activities are allocated and controlled.

With a special request, prime minister Rama appointed Romeo KujtimShehu as the director of Tax Investigation Directorate, the exemplar from Saranda, known as ÇiljetaÇilaga’s ex-boyfriend, but who is actually in love with the drugs, kidnapping and robbery, for the interests of dark business of Gaz Demi, Olsi Rama’s boss.

According to the official announcement from the General Directorate of Taxation, among the 4 “excellent” winners of the national competition for the head of tax investigation, the winner in Tirana was Romeo KujtimShehu, who has only completed 11 grades in school, and who, with his professional level, beat 106 participants in the competition, who were experts in economics, law and finance.

One of the competitors, a former prosecutor, years ago, had even called Romeo as a defendant, had arrested him for drug trafficking and tourist kidnapping, but the former prisoner, Romeo, was more adept than him in this competition.

After this appointment, Edi Rama delegated the Tax Investigation to Gaz Demi, just as he gave him Arbri Street or the gambling monopoly through his in-law, RrokGjoka.

Next, “Pamfleti” will bring new written facts on the services Romeo KujtimShehu has offered to the dirty and illegal businesses of Gaz Demi, Olsi Rama, KlementBalili, KoçoKokëdhima and even to those who inaugurated “Santa Quaranta”./Pamfleti

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