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Merkel-Macron demolish Rama and his gang with 4 blows, a strong message to Albanians

Berlin Summit, a black day for Albanians, deals Rama and his gang of thieves a blow, corruption and government crime “freezes”the integration of Albania to the European Union.


Yesterday France and Germany demolished Rama and his gang of thieves at the Berlin Summit, by giving a clear message to Albanians: with this incriminated, discredited and corrupt government to the core according to the international reports, Albania strays every day further from the path of integration. Edi Rama and his gang of thieves received 4 sharp blows at the Berlin Summit, so sharp that for the first time, Rama gave up on his propaganda to “sell” the Summit and his meeting with Merkel as a success. The Berlin Summit was a black day for Albanians and their future, but also an alarm bell for their awakening, for the expulsion of this mafia political class, which has been holding the nation hostage, has been plundering and ruling the country for 29 years. It was a message of awakening and to bring for the first time a normal and responsible government.

But which were the blows Rama and his gang received in Berlin?

First, for the first time, French President Emmanuel Macron refused to hold a discussion on the opening of the negotiations for Albania. He was very clear when he said that “We are not discussing the process of enlargement, but the stability in the region and this means that France will be more involved”.

Second, Emmanuel Macron, unlike Merkel, refused to meet Edi Rama and his accompanying ministers.

Third, the “global leader” of the most corrupt government in Europe according to the State Supreme Audit and international reports, received a blow from Angela Merkel. The German Chancellor had a conversation with Rama but said nothing about the opening of negotiations. The reason is simple, last year, the EU Council of Ministers set 27 conditions. The current government has not met any of them. It is only doing propaganda. But, the propaganda may numb the minds of the slaves in the public administration, but not governments of EU countries.

Fourth, while Albania has been excluded from the EU agenda, the situation for Macedonia is not the same. “Deutsche Welle”, which has nothing in common with Rama’s ERT, from sources from the German government, highlighted that only Macedonia deserves the opening of negotiations. “North Macedonia” has a reformatory government, which has made a lot of compromises for the European dream, it has even hanged the name of the country to put an end to the old problem with the EU member state, Greece. The opening of membership negotiations would be a proper gratitude for such a courage”. On his part, the Prime Minister of North Macedonia, ZoranZaev, stated that if the negotiations are not opened for his country, he will resign./Pamfleti

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