Hysni Demiraj of the “January 21st File”, another filter for 83 “ghost” decisions in the Appeals Court and 110 “dark and tough” decisions in Gjirokastra

During 1997-2003, with the justification of the General Amnesty, announced on March 9, 1997 by his friend from Tropoja, Sali Berisha, judge Demiraj closed the files of 72 serious crimes, with 16 casualties and 40 robberies and together with Prosecutor A. Pasho, who led the southern rebel committee of Gjurokastra-Saranda, cleaned the “dark quires” of the criminal activity of the 5 gangs of Tepelena, Gjirokastra, Delivna, Këlcyra, and was even attacked with a crowbar on his head for his “feats”, after which he was forced to keep a machine gun without a permit in his office and to be escorted by armed criminals who were subjects of trials.

Judge Hysni Demiraj, a “very zealous” investigator and prosecutor of dictatorship, assigned to serve in his hometown, Tropoja, during the years when it was collapsing and people who were escaping were killed, imprisoned, tortured, is now before justice, for his many feats, which, in the language of law which Demiraj speaks very well, are called “Malfeasance in office, followed by concealment, defense, favoritism, exclusion from judgment of the crime subjects and cooperation with them.

Following Decision No. 108, dated 15.02.2019 with act no. 76 of the Independent Qualification Commission(KPK) which dismissed him from his position as President of the Appeals Court in Tirana, where he was appointed by Nishani and ordered by Berisha as a reward for the January 21st file and the International Monitoring Operation verdict, which said “NO” to his position in justice, Hysni Demriaj will pass through another “filter” for some court decisions “crime favors”, most of which with self-justice consequences.

KPK glossed over the activity of HysniDemiraj, as a judge with 16 years of experience in Gjirokastra, appointed since the end of 1993, by Berisha-Gazidede, since they “needed” him there, but the International Monitoring Operation, just as it did with Llalla, Selimi, Zagonjori, Gjoni, Prela, Fusha, Ndreca, Jangulli, Zeneli, Thanza and with more than 30 others, has decided to see the investigation of the decisions taken by Demiraj through, decisions which have concrete incentives and evidence of illegality.

According to the information given by the Court of Gjirokastra and the Appeals Court of Tirana, confirmed by internal sources in the Ministry of Justice and High Council of Justice, it is stated that an inspection team has come to these courts, supervised and monitored by the International Monitoring Operation, with the object of action: investigation of several “VIP” criminal and civil files, judged by the dismissed HysniDemiraj.

In addition to the incentive from the denunciation made inKPK, High Council of Justice, Appeal Chamber, and International Monitoring Operation by the former president Alaudin Malaj, who was Hysni Demiraj’s boss and colleague in“dirty works and a rival in deals”, this investigation of court decisions, will start with 310 complaints and denunciations during 1995-2009, addressed to the High Council of Justice, District Court Gjirokastra to the chairman (T. Nova) at the Supreme Court, Ministry of Justice and Prosecutor’s Office, made by affected parties, citizens, businesses and institutions of 3 districts of Gjirokastra County.

The complaints and denunciations on the abusive decisions followed by self-justice are another motive, taken by Demiraj after 2009, when the High Council of Justice transferred him as a judge to the Appeals Court of Tirana, including even the court decision on the physical conflict which occurred between the police and the residents of “Petro NiniLuarasi”, which Demiraj had signed together with GjinGjino after being dismissed by “Vetting”.

If, one of the alarming files closed by Hysni Demiraj, is the “Release of the killer guards of January 21st, 2011”, among which was also Sali Berisha’s relative (Sadik Cela from Tropoja), the Ministry of Justice and the High Council of Justice, in front of the International Monitoring Operation, in addition to the 83 “ghosts” decisions signed by Demiral at Appeals Court of Tirana, 110 other “dark” decisions are now being “filtered” for verification and law enforcement, decisions given in favor of crime, during his duty at the Court of Gjirokastra, where the former bosses of the “Adi Petrol” complex, and especially “Bajo”of the Greek Consulate from Lazarat still “respect him”, during the time when it was led by Hristo Jakov and Vasil Bornova, when Bashkim Fino was a mayor and Fatos Gjyrezi from Shkodra was a prefect.

Next, we will publish the serious files he judged and closed, the names of gangs and well-known persons of the South who have gone through the decisions of Judge Hysni Demiraj (Bac Hysa), as he was called by the “strong men and bosses of drachmas”of 1994 -1997, some of whom, besides giving him a machine gun which he kept in his office, with which he injured his judge colleague, escorted him everywhere, even though they were the subject of crime trials in Demiraj’s files./Pamfleti

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