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Guardian Agron Malaj, hired and promoted by the Democratic Party in 2007, served “Rilindja (Renaissance)” Mafia as a “Trojan Horse” on January 21st 

On November 16, 2007, he was promoted “Active Officer” and was given the rank “Captain 1st Rank” at the Republican Guard, was appointed “Commander of the 5th Group of the Special Unit”, and on 01.10.2010, after his success in “extra” services, being infiltrated into gambling mafia groups, in charge of“tracing and detecting money laundering groups”, was appointed “Commander of the Special Sectorfor Rapid Intervention Groups 3 and 4 , in the Operational Unit”, a duty during which he run his criminal service, by shooting the protestors.

Prime Minister Edi Rama confessed the hidden motive in appointing the Guardian of January 21st, Agron R. Malaj as the director of the Electric Power Distribution Operator for Milot-Dibra region, after coming to power on October 20, 2013.

He also explained why he appointed him as the chairman of the Socialist Party in Burrel, introduced by Gramoz Ruçi and Taulant Balla, but did not give any explanation why he brutally fired the former Socialist chairman Hasan Ceni, the honorable doctor who saved Rama’s life when he passed out during the conference of the Socialist Party in Mat and who later told GramozRuci that the cause was drug overdose.

Edi Rama declared that the chief guardian of January 21st was rewarded with a state job positionas well as running for mayor of the Socialist Party, since Agron Malaj has successfully served Edi Rama as a “Trojan Horse” inside the “castle” of the of the Democratic Party, the police of the Republican Guard, during the SaliBerisha power until the day when he was ordered to shoot the protests, as well as an informantfor everything that wasplanned on January 21st.

Although not declared by the prime minister, the rewards that Rama gave to the guardian of January 21st, “Captain 1st Rank”Agron R. Malaj, are not only the position of the Socialist Party chairman in Mat, the position as the Electric Power Distribution Operator director in Milot-Dibra region and his nomination as a candidate for MP in 2017, but also payments worth billions, for 2 private police businesses, “ARMY GUARD SECURITY ltd” with Tax ID Number L31922010A, and the other, “GLOBAL SECURITY ltd”, with Tax ID Number K72217015V, which only during 2016-2019 received ALL 830 million from tenders for public objects guards, also in partnership with private police “Gjici” and “Breçani”.

Next, we will publish facts from his gambling businesses, licensed or not, his business of gas based in Mat, the tenders given by the Electric Power Distribution Operator to his partners Gjici et al., his sentence file to 10 months in prison for illegal possession of firearms, being  used as a substitute for the son of a senior politician with whom he has businesseswhich are currently administered by a group of drug traffickers captured in the Dibra-Bulqiza area, while transporting drugs with vehicles of the Electric Power Distribution Operator in Mat, aswell as other facts related to the dark services to Edi Rama, Taulant Balla, Edmond Bego, Tom Doshi and “Dako-Çela” Group in Durrës./Pamfleti

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