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Gent Ibrahimi with his villa worth € 237 500, his car worth € 30 thousand and a gift worth € 35 thousand

The chairman of the High Prosecutorial Council goes one better than some prosecutors as far as his wealth is concerned, his gift worth € 35 thousand leaves everyone opened-mouthed.

The chairman of the High Prosecutorial Council (KLP), Gent Ibrahimi, whom the opposition calls“KLP brother-in-law”, goes on better than some prosecutors and judges as far as his wealth is concerned. The KLP leader, who has participated in the drafting of judicial reform and who was later appointed at the top of the prosecution, owns 50% of a 238-square-meter villa worth€ 237,500. He says he got this villa with the money he earned from his work and the money his parents gave to him. Ibrahimi also declares a 128 m2 apartment, worth €62 700. He also declares a bank deposit worth € 125 thousand, a deposit worth€ 7 823 and a current account worth€ 8 814. The head of KLP has also a Benz worth € 30 thousand. Ibrahimi also declares 35 thousand euros received from his parents. His wife owns 33% of a 75m2 apartment, worth ALL 7,500,000. Both have a Peugeot 308 family car, worth€ 18,000, which they gave to their son.

The assets of KLP chairman, Gent Ibrahimi

A 238 m2 two-storey villa, worth € 237 500, from the money coming from his work and his parents. (50%)

128 m2 apartment, worth €62 700 (50%)

A gift transferred from his parents’ account, worth € 35 thousand.

Mercedez Benz GLK, worth € 30thousand, from the money from his work (100 %)

Bank deposit, € 125 thousand

Bank deposit, € 7 823

Current account, ALL 304 308

Current account € 8 814

Current account, USD 17 and 2 pounds

Current account, ALL 748

Payment and royalties from the Institute of Public and Legal Studies, ALL334 400, USD 5 760 and € 7 030.

Incomes from teaching at the School of Magistrates, ALL 215 924.

His wife, salary from the US Embassy, ALL 1 979 887

Incomes from the rental contract, ALL 3 000 000

75 m2 apartment, ALL 7 500 000(33 %)

 “Peugeot308’ car, € 18 thousand (50 %).

His son Tedi, gift from his parents, “Peugeot’ 308” worth € 18 thousand

Current account, gift from his parents, ALL 250, € 2

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