June 2, 2020

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5 banks and 28 contractors storm “Top Channel”, the”black widow” punishes 114 businesses and politicians with fines

5 banks and 28 contractors storm "Top Channel”, the"black widow" punishes 114 businesses and politicians with fines

5 banks and 28 contractors storm "Top Channel”, the"black widow" punishes 114 businesses and politicians with fines

The special investigative structures of the State Police and the General Prosecutor Office blocked the procedures for 72 denunciations from businesses, state executives and officials, politicians, and even justice and police officials, made against Vjollca Hoxha’s crumbling media for levying fines through threats, news and denigrating and damaging comments on them, repeating thus the same attackwhich the  “strong men” of Tirana carried out against the former boss of this media launched for the first time inside the Pyramid of Tirana, which his wife, who is devoted to sensual enjoyment, has turned  into a pyramid like “TV-VEFA”

It has been more than 1 year since the owner of “Top Channel”, VjollcaHoxha, after the prologue of the fatal financial bankruptcy of the TV channel, who started its activity with packages, “flour” and coffee advertisements, is now in a neuro-crisis of financial survival, due to problems with the banks and the many contractors in Albania and abroad, who have sent hundreds of seizure charges in courts.

 “Sudja” of “Top Channel” is not coming out from the crisis through professionalism, since that professionalism was ruined by its mediocrity, by dismissing the experts and by its clientelistic surrogate shows, but instead, it is coming out of this crisis through the illegal financial resources.

One of them is the use of “Top Channel” as an “embrasure” for shooting with a “fusillade” of fines, against those who are earmarked for their problems with the law, who, after being targeted, are sent a signal through relators, or through a “shallow” letter: “Verification of Information, allegedly in the name of media transparency.

Some of the “victims” targeted and attacked by the “oppressors” of “Top Channel”, have denounced openly, as well as in a written form, at the special structures of the State Police and General Prosecutor Office, who are remaining silent, although 114 denunciations have been filed, but only 72 have been recorded, with concrete facts, while the other denunciations have not been accepted despite their convincing indications.  

Among these denunciations, there is also the threat against a prosecutor from Tirana, a subordinate of Arta Marku, who, in the face of silence from the Albanian structures, informed the international institutions that he is a “victim-candidate” of the fines imposed by Vjollca’s “Top Channel”, but according to him, there are also 23 other officials and heads of police in Tirana and districts, who are being blackmailed by “Top Channel”, now on the verge of passing the “Vetting”.   

From the contact he had with “PAMFLETI”, the prosecutor informed that he had been blackmailed with a € 30 thousand fine, confirmed that Ben Blushi, also through blackmail, has set up an information structure with heads of prosecution, courts and officials of the State Police and the High Inspectorate of Declaration and Audit of Assets and Conflict of Interests, who, in order not to be “attacked” by “Top Channel”, provide Blushi with “dark” factsof the activities of each prosecutor, judge and chief police officer.

Blushi the “master”, processes and selects the “fattened” names and their data, uses them as a warning by contacting them verbally and with a letter, by sending them the “bombshell” signal which is published every day on TV, by reminding them that if they do not get in touch with “Top Channel” soon or if they do not give any explanation on the matter within a certain deadline, the facts collected by the TV will be published soon.  

Do not be surprised, but according to the records of the denunciation file, it turns out that inside the “sack” of fines collected by Vjollca, there are even 3 fines paid by prime minister Edi Rama, before he and Ben Blushi made up, to block some “dark news” on Linda and his brother Olsi, the former consul in Turkey and on 4 files which contain anti-Albania economic deals, made in Serbain-Greek-Russian-Turkish residences and suites, which have sent Blushi information from abroad.

Do not be surprised but these “salvific fines” have also been paid by Damian Gjiknuri and ArbenAhmetaj, ALL 100 lek each, by Ilir Beqja, ALL 150 million, by Bashkim Ulaj, Pellumb Salillari and Shkëlqim Fusha, ALL 200 million each, and many others, who were part of Vjollca’s “black list”, but who after paying got away with it.

Despite the media lobby by “Top Channel” on the processing of waste of Durres in Tirana landfill (10 special newsreels, 5 minutes each), it turns out that KlodianZoto of Tirana, Elbasan and Fier landfills has also paid € 200 thousand to Ben Blushi, and this is the reason why no one is “messing up with him” but instead, he is being thanked for his “excellent work” which he is doing in cleaning the environment.  

Even Vilma Nushi, despite being the prime minister’s friend, could not escape “Top Channel’s” bombshell, with the “check-up” news, and nor did KlodianAllajbeu of the American Hospital, hemodialysis concession, “EVITA”, medical laboratories and the monopoly food market “Ekma-Albania, not to mention the 5 supermarket networks, diary, sausages, meat factories, etc.

The state has the“TOP-FINE” file, which is almost complete with concrete facts, of threats and fines, and must act and if it can stop this financial source of crime from this TV channel which is a “media abscesses”, this TV channel will not even have an antenna in Dajti Mountain, that is why 5 banks and 28 Albanian and foreign contractors are rushing to get their obligations, so they will not end up like “TV-VEFA”.

There are dozens of businesses which hear no knock on the door from the tax administration office, but they do hear from “Top Channel”, which under the pressure of some fact, asks them to pay “tributes” for its silence, which so far Blushi has done successfully with those who do not have power or public support but also with public figures like Xhafaj, Tahiri, Metaj, Sejdini, Fiqiri Ismaili, Baftjar Zeqo, Fatmir Mediu, Mihal Delijorgji, ARLIS, Ervis Roshi, Salillari and Nadir Causholli, a wholesaler of drugs, and many others, who are part of the “black lists” of Hoxha-Blushi. Next, other stories…/Pamfleti