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United States’ secret plan to turn Albania into largest military power in the Balkans – the big assistance ready in 2019

USA – tens of millions of dollars and military equipment for Albania, the next assistance is kept secret, corrupt leaders of Albanian politics come to grips with another for power and last public assets.


While the Albanian political leaders come to grips with one another for power and last public assets, the United States has a plan to turn Albania into a dominant military power in the Balkans. The plan to build a NATO air base in Kuçova and the recent donation of some “Black Hawk” helicopters to the Albanian Army by the US Department of Defense is only part of the US and NATO long-term plan to militarily empower Albania. But, to the dismay of Albanians, this corrupt and rotten political class not only does not understand the time and the historical circumstances for the benefit of Albania, but is working against Albania and its future. Morally rotten, immersed in luxury and blinded by power, the leaders of Albanian politics have remained in the net of narrow interests and their perspectives are only to the villas and the next positions.

However, the political situation in Albania, created by political leaders, has not intimidated the Americans in supporting Albania. During a meeting of the National Security Commission, Defense Minister Olta Xhaçka spoke of a very important US assistance to the Albanian Army. But Xhacka, who lately was in Pentagon, claimed that she cannot share this information with any of the members of the Security Commission, even though they own security certificates.

 “It is noteworthy that we have some ongoing projects. It is a substantial assistance, some tens of millions of dollars, but it is expected that our strategic ally will approve it in all its institutions at the congress. We cannot share it with you today, but it will soon become a realit

Further, Xhaçka spoke about the NATO and US plans for Kuçova. She confirmed that Kuçovawill turn to the largest base in the region, but again she did not give any details. “We have set up working groups, which can facilitate the acceleration of the steps that the construction of the Kucova base should take. We will begin this year with the disbursement of a part of the fund; it is about over a € 50 million investment, which is only the beginning. It will be more than that. It is an investment extended over several years and some phases, it is an information that I cannot share in detail, but I can say that we will begin this year with the master plan and the project on the base, to further continuein 2019 with the first brick, with the start of the investment, which we will prioritize through a very fast pace. If we can consider it a foreign fund, this is definitely a foreign fund, it does not come from our budget, but it is the joint NATO funds invested in Kuçova air base. It will be a project of a special importance, not just for the area, not only for Kuçova, not only for Albania, but for the whole region./Pamfleti

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