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Rinas’s 20-year concession was signed by Nano-Angjeli in 2004, but Rama-Metaj extended it for 42 years

DOCUMENTS / “PAMFLETI” Newsroom reveals 2 legal contracts of Rinas, signed by state criminals, in their dealing of October 15, 2004 and in the dealing of April 1, 2016, accepted by Prime Minister Rama and voted by PD and in the parliament, according to which, if the flights are allowed up to 20 kilometers within Albania and up to 100 kilometers inthe international line, within 2025, the Rinas concession will be extended until 2047 or until Edi Rama will be 83 years old, that is why the fictitious involvementof“Air Albania”, was made to justify the extension of the concession, allegedly breaking up the monopoly


Minister Belinda Balluku blamed the Chinese for the third robbery in Rinas, two of which were committed when she was the director at “Albcontrol”, but she did not confesson the iniquity Rama-Metaj, where she was also involved, committed 3 years ago, on April 1, 2017, approved by Law no. 55/2016, dated 19.05.2016, with the object “Changing the concession agreement with “Tirana Airport Partners” company.

According to this law-business with the foreign monopolist boss of Rinas“Hochtief AirPort GmbH”, made by Rama-Metaj, when they were together in the “tray” of power, this concession was postponed by another 22 years or until 2047, while it was foreseen for only 20 years, or until 2025.

“Tirana International Airport (TIA), formerly” Tirana Airport Partners “(TAP) concession, is a limited liability company, established by Decision No. 32147, dated September 20, 2004 of the Tirana Court, by Judge BlerinaMuça, currently represented by the Administrator Rolf Castro-Vasquez and Suela Keri, Director of Finance.

On October 15, 2004, the Rinas concession was approved for 20 years and was signed by Fatos Nano-Prime Minister,AnastasAngjeli-Minister of Economy and SpartakPoçi-Minister of Transport, approved by Law No. 9312, dated November 11, 2004, proposed by AnastasAngjeli, which had the national assets under jurisdiction and administration, but the tax activity started on April 23, 2005.


According to the Agreement signed by Nano-Angjeli, for 20 years, that is, until April 2005, no other airport or airline company would be allowed for international commercial cargo flights or for passengers, except for the German monopoly Hochtief AirPort GmbH-Albanian & American Enterprise Delaware”, headquartered in New York, represented byPërparimKalo, who is also known as a signatory at the Court, currently Honorary Consul of Denmark to Albania.


But, in order to reap the benefits, which for 11 years were reaped by Nano and Angjeli in Rinas, in January-October 2015, the two bosses, Rama-Metaj issued the threats to the concessionaire, allegedly by breaking up the monopoly (not cancelling) and involving other air transport lines from Vlora, Saranda, Kuçova and Kukës,

After many “ping-pong” games and acrobatic letters between the parties, using the two “doll” ministers, Edmond Haxhinasto of LSI and MilvaEkonomi of “Rilindja”, in March 2016, Rama-Metaj agreed on the business with the concessionaire and made an anti-legal intervention in the contract, in favor of the concessionaire.

After the dealing made with the concessionaire, Rama-Metaj authorized the ministers Edmond Haxhinasto and MilvaEkonomi, on April 1, 2016, to sign a change in the contract for extending the concession term of Rinas for another 22 years, which, according to the calendar, goes until April 23, 2047, or until Edi Rama is 83 years old.

To officially justify this prolongation of the anti-legal deadline, the violation of the monopoly contract by the Albanian government was allegedly brought into play, by fictitiously involving the ghost company“Air Albania”, used only for 2 trips and now gone missing by Rama-Ballaku.

According to their dealing, since Edi Rama introduced Idriz’s“Lasgush” in Vlora, the monopoly concession of Rinas Airport, with Law No. 55/2016, dated 19.05.2016, signed by IlirMetaj, Edmond Haxhinasto and MilvaEkonomi, voted by PD, will be postponed for 22 years according to this graphic:

For each flight not included in the contract in 2016, 4.5 years will be added.

For each flight not included in the contract in 2017, 4years will be added.

For each flight not included in the contract in 2018, 3.5 years will be added.

For each flight not included in the contract in 2019, 3 years will be added.

For each flight not included in the contract in 2020, 2.5 years will be added.

For each flight not included in the contract in 2021, 2years will be added.

For each flight not included in the contract in 2022, 1.5 years will be added.

For each flight not included in the contract in 2023, 1year will be added.

For each flight not included in the contract in 2024, 6months will be added.

NEXT, we will publish real facts from the scandal allowed by the Albanian governments of PD, PS, LSI during 14 years, as well as written documents, for the illegal capital transactions and multiple sale and purchase of the contract; facts on what happened to the financial obligations that the concessionaire has to the Albanian state and which of the families of PD-LSI, rules the 2 finance offices in the State-Rinas andPrivate-Rinas.

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