May 25, 2020

Pamfleti International

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Prosecutors, the “grand dames” who are overthrown because of vices and wrongdoings of their “weak” husbands.

Prosecutors, the “grand dames” who are overthrown because of vices and wrongdoings of their “weak” husbands.

Prosecutors, the “grand dames” who are overthrown because of vices and wrongdoings of their “weak” husbands.

An epitome of justice desecration through dealings in bed, who still refuses to go through Vetting, and who is still a Minister, is Etilda Gjonaj, the Minister of Justice, who is a victim of criminal offenses of her husband, Irvelin Gjonaj, as a criminal contingent and because of the illegal collaboration with the “old prince”, Fatmir Xhafaj, who defends the criminals.


While many facts prove that women are the ones who “cut their “strong” husbands’ throat”, those with political and administrative power, the “Vetting” which is being carried out in the Albanian justice, is revealing that in fact, the “weak” husbands are overthrowing their “strong” wives.

It has been one year that many well-known names of justice has passed through the verification “filter”, some of which have been removed from the system, because of the image and illegal assets of their husbands, as in the case of the billionaire Gjin Gjoni, who took a maternity leave in order to avoid the Vetting for some more time.

Meanwhile, the prosecutors, the “strong women” are victims of their “weak” husbands, weak in character, morality and activity tied to crime, but these women have been lured by the benefits and money, and have continued their game, by issuing the “command” (the go-between) to their husbands.

For example, Donika Prela, the “iron” prosecutor, who turned out to be an “aluminum thread” of the corruption and crime world, is being shattered and overthrown because of the suspicious assets and wrongdoings of her husband, Vangjel Prela, director in the Municipality of Tirana, even though she has gotten away with it so far, but she will be verified by the International Monitoring Operation and the USA.

Examples like Prela act like “tough bosses” in their offices, but they obey and surrender when their husbands leave “pillows” of money and certificates of properties, land, villas, cars, and apartments in their beds, which are in fact a conversion of their signatures that they scrawl to let the crime and the corruption free!

This is the skill of making a pile with a signature, but it is the “weakness” of their husbands, whose vices and crimes have subdued these women and have given their husbands the right to manage the (in) justice, as benefits, without thinking that the day of the Vetting would come, which has revealed even the number of their socks purchased after they were appointed in leading positions.

Even the strong prosecutor, Rovena Gashi, was not overthrown by “Llalla” clique, who promoted and kept her in duty, but instead, by her husband, a director who was also overthrown because apart from his work, he was managing his wife’s work; the same for Antoneta Sevdari (Bejko), who got it because of her husband’s “weakness” who made his pile with illegal property and bank accounts.

The overthrow of “strong” prosecutors is continuing and soon we will hear other names that will not fall apart because of their incapability, but because of their husbands’ “weakness”./Pamfleti