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From a homeless vet to a “sheikh” of justice, the story of Don Gjin Gjoni and his “escape” in fear of Vetting

From today onwards, “Pamfleti” will be publishing e new series. “Mafia of Justice” will be the series where all the “pashas of justice” will be revealed. All declared and undeclared assets of the harsh fine-leviers as well as those of the prosecutors and their family members will be revealed. There is no compromise with any of those who made Albanians’ life miserable.

From a homeless vet to the sheikh of the Albanian justice. It is not a thriller movie script, but the true story of Gjin Gjoni, part of the mosaic of wonders and paradoxes of the Albanian pluralism, but also an example of how Sali Berisha deformed the democracy and broke the Albanian justice after the Albanians overthrew the communist regime. Gjin Gjoni, one of the most influential and wealthy people of the Albanian justice, was graduated at the Agricultural University of Tirana, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, a fact which he has disguised in all of his curriculums.

In 1993, Gjin Gjoni completed a short training course in Durrës, called the “Poplar Course” and was catapulted into the Albanian justice system, which, according to the systematic international reports, polls, analyses, etc., is the most corrupt, rotten, and incompetent system in the continent.

Without having a diploma in law, Gjin Gjoni very quickly got into the highest levels of the Albanian justice, by becoming its symbol for Albanians as well as for Sali Berisha’s vision and the Albanian political class in justice.

In his CV-s, Gjin Gjoni has always avoided or hidden his education. In one of his published CVS-s as a member of the High Council of Justice, Gjin Gjoni says he completed one year of education, 1993-1994, and was graduated at the Faculty of Justice, at a time when the higher education required 4 years. Even this CV disappeared and now all we know about Gjin Gjoni are his job titles. He claims to have completed some specializations and some masters, but he refuses to show his diploma of higher education, without which you cannot even be hired in the lowest tier of the administration.

From 04.06.2013 until the end of 2018, Gjin Gjoni was a member of the High Council of Justice, the highest judicial body for the appointment, dismissal, evaluation and disciplinary measures against judges in Albania. So, until the High Council of Justice was closed due to justice reform, Gjin Gjoni was part of the troop which controlled the judges, by appointing and punishing them in case of need. Currently Gjin Gjoni is a judge at the Appellate Court in Tirana, is a member of the Electoral College and ironically is also the chairman of the Balkans and Euro-Mediterranean Network of Judicial Councils.

 “Gjin Gjoni” phenomenon of Albanian pluralism is about wealth. Gjin Gjoni possesses a wealth amounting to millions of euros, declared and hidden. The list of his real estate and his bank accounts is too long, but to understand his way of growing rich, we are looking into some simple facts. Gjin Gjoni, like all other senior officials, declared his assets for the first time in 2003. For the first time, Gjin Gjoni, declared only one car, “Benz”, in his brother’s name, worth ALL 1 300 000 and his gross salary as a judge worth ALL 930 600. With this declaration, Gjin Gjoni, turns out to be homeless, and there is no indication on where and how he lived. He declared that even this car was bought with the money from family and relatives who live in the US.

From a homeless in 2003, in 2014, the declared assets of Gjin Gjoni amount to over USD 1 million. But during 2014, Gjin Gjoni was prosecuted by the High Inspectorate of Declaration and Audit of Assets and Conflict of Interests for false declaration, document forgery, cleaning products of criminal offenses etc. according to the HIDAAC, Gjin Gjoni and his wife, Elona Caushi, only during 2010-2012 bought a villa worth € 700 thousand, a shop worth € 150 thousand, and an apartment worth ALL 53 200 000, with illegal money. Of course, Gjin Gjoni got off scot-free, in the justice where he belonged. He confused the prosecutors with his procedures.

Gjin Gjoni can tell his own story of how he turned into one of the richest men of the Albanian justice. According to him, his wealth comes from his wife, who owns several companies. But this claim can be easily dismissed since the companies of his wife, Elona Çaushi, result in great loss. All of a sudden, after the couple gets married, her companies flourish. There is no doubt that his wife’s companies are just Gjin Gjoni’s instrument to launder the money of corruption he has collected with the gavel of justice and this has been proven by facts and documents, even though Gjin Gjoni got off scot-free, through procedures. Money laundering will also be confirmed by the two Vetting bodies, which are independent of politics and the intervention of “big fishes”, and are monitored by US-EU.

Gjin Gjoni’s dismissal from Vetting’s bodies is unavoidable. Vetting’s commissions have dismissed and are dismissing judges and prosecutors for € 15 thousand, for an unjustified loan or for tax evasion. There is no doubt that Gjin Gjoni’s file will be later a target of SPAK (Special Structure against Corruption and Organized Crime). This may also be the reason why Gjin Gjoni has started with his efforts to leave Albania. A few months ago, he received a two-year parental leave in the High Council of Justice where he was part of. This maneuver was interpreted by the Americans as an effort to escape Vetting. However, Vetting process does not recognize such maneuvers. Gjin Gjoni’s dismissal is a matter of weeks, and it remains to be seen when the anti-mafia law will act upon his unjustified assets./Pamfleti

 Part of Gjin Gjoni’s assets


“Benz”, in his brother’s name, ALL 1 300 000

Gross salary as a judge, ALL 930 600

Part of his assets, after 2011

Residence worth € 700 thousand, later, rescission of contract.

Store, € 150 thousand

Contract rescission for apartment worth € 140 thousand

Apartment sale, 180 USD thousand.

Apartment purchase, ALL 53 200 000.

Loan contract, € 160 thousand.

Asset augmentation € 411 276 after the revocation of the contract for the villa at Rolling Hills.

Incomes from the rent of a bar, 24,000 euros a year.

Wife as dividend at ADFD, ALL 17 299 390.

Elona Çaushi incomes from dividends ALL 30 000 000.

His wife’s salary as administrator of ADFD, ALL 7,632,643.

Incomes from dividends at ADFD, ALL 13 200 000.

His wife, withdrawal of dividend, ALL 13 000 000.

Withdrawal of dividend at ADFD, ALL 36 000 000.

Salaries and bonuses from ADFD, ALL 8 751 000.

Co-owner with his wife of an entrepreneurship contract, € 79 000.

Money lending, liability – € 1 500.

Bank deposit USD 155 thousand.

Bank deposit ALL1, 870,841.

Bank account, € 47 thousand

Bank account, ALL833,516.66

Granting bonds worth € 165 thousand.

Money lending, € 130 thousand.

Money lending, 1,000,000

Bank account, € 12 thousand

Cash, € 10 thousand

Dividend withdrawal, ALL 23,525,412

Dividend withdrawal, ALL 3,294,119

Loan contract, € 151 thousand.

Salaries and bonuses as ADFD consultant, ALL 10,678,000.

Salaries as a Judge, ALL 1 411 938.

Gross rent of the premises of the bar, € 6 000.

Elona Çaushi, incomes from bond interests, ALL 1,870,000.

Elona Çaushi, salaries and bonuses ALL 10 402 000 and € 37 500.

Elona Çaushi, incomes from the dividend of ALL 14 457 429.

Elona Çaushi, incomes from the dividend of ALL 2 729 231.

Entrepreneurship contract Elona Çaushi, worth € 130 000.

Bank loan.The outstanding liability, unpaid, € 44 885.86.

Credit Card Elona Çaushi, – € 5 930.

Credit Card– €   8 371.67

Balance of bank account, € 13, ALL 75 574.

Elona Çaushi, overdraft contract ALL 1 000 000.

Elona Çaushi, limit overdraft € 75 000, balance – € 5 930.

Elona Çaushi, account balance € 35 988.27.

Elona Çaushi, deposit balance ALL 4 109 934.6.

Elona Çaushi, bank account balance ALL 3 173 276.66.

Elona Çaushi, bank deposit balance USD 158 428.28.

Elona Çaushi, deposit balance € 411 565.3, the 50% share.

Elona Çaushi, bond contract with Credins bank ALL 1 870 000.

Elona Çaushi, bank deposit balance in France, € 6 273.39.

Elona Çaushi, bank deposit balance € 10 597.76.

Elona Çaushi, bank loan at Credins bank, the outstanding liability, € 126 508.

Elona Çaushi, additional works from the company, ALL 2 766 000.

Elona Çaushi, assets augmentation after loan payment 40 000 euros + 4 000 euros interest.

Elona Çaushi, loan contract ALL 1 500 000, with no interest.

Elona Çaushi, cash, € 7,500.

Elona Çaushi, owner of ‘Best Buy Drug Store’ ltd, worth ALL 100,000. The company has stopped its activity.

Elona Çaushi, owner of ‘Bio Gourmet’ ltd, worth ALL 100 000. The company has stopped its activity.

Elona Çaushi, owner of the company ‘Vintage Second Hand and New’ ltd, worth ALL 100,000. The company has stopped its activity.

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