Exclusive / The tremendous assets of Sheikh Alaudin Malaj; the way he launders his money of corruption through his wife

How the “shark” of justice, Alaudin Malaj, became step by step rich with the gavel of justice, the number of houses, cars and bank accounts. His wife received two apartments as a gift from her father-in-law. Anti-mafia law does not take action.


Alaudin Malaj and Gjin Gjoni are not accidentally seen by the public as the two biggest “beasts” of corruption of the justice which is being destroyed by the Americans. Both have used their wives to justify their assets in relation to their legitimate incomes, and they have managed to escape justice which they are still part of. Only in Albania justice produces rich people. In any normal democratic country you hear nothing about judges and prosecutors who are “sheikhs”. In Albania, the judges make a pile through the criminal “gavel”, and they try to launder a part of that money, to turn it into legal, through various lies, starting from the activities of their wives in businesses, maneuvers with loans, debts, buying cheap properties and selling them at higher prices, ghost companies etc. How come the wives of these judges are more successful in business and make money as if by magic? However, the end of this judges who became “sheikhs” by hitting the gavel, is near. Their assets have been investigated by Vetting and US-EU representatives in the International Monitoring Operation, while their dismissal is just a matter of weeks.

The judge of the Appellate Court, Alaudin Malaj declared his assets for the first time in 2003, like all other declarant subjects. In 2003, Alaudin Malaj declared a 106 m2 half-house, and his salary as a judge, ALL 946 800. His assets in 2003 are normal. But what happens next? Some years later, Alaudin Malaj became one of the richest people of the Albanian justice. In 2004 he bought a car worth € 16 thousand. In 2005, he declared incomes from the rent of an apartment, amounting to USD 8 thousand. It is not known where this apartment came from, when Malaj declared only one house. In 2008, he bought an apartment in Durrës worth € 21 thousand. One year later, this apartment is sold for € 31 thousand, by earning € thousand.

In 2009, Alaudin Malaj, started massive money laundering. In addition to selling his apartment worth € 31 thousand, which he had bought one year ago for € 21 thousand, in 2009, Alaudin Malaj all of a sudden declared one business in his wife’s name. Not only he declared the business, but he also declared ALL 36 million as a profit. In 2010, he bought two other apartments within the year, one worth € 100 thousand and the other worth € 35 thousand. But during this year, his wife is granted a loan in the name of Algan, worth € 250 thousand. In 2011, he bought a car worth € 53 thousand.

In 2012, Alaudin Malaj exceeds the limit. He says his father gave a 122 m2 apartment in Tirana to his wife, as a gift, and another 96.6 m2 apartment in Tirana. Where did Alaudin Malaj’s father find these two apartments? How can he add the apartments as if they were packets of cigarettes? This apartment, which was allegedly a gift from her father-in-law, was sold by Malaj’s wife in 2014, so 2 years later, for € 120 thousand. This is clearly money laundering. However, the anti-mafia law is not taking action on this case. But this is not enough. During 2012, his wife also sold a car for € 60 thousand. In 2013, another event takes place. His wife now declared ALL 190 million within a year as incomes as a notary. From business, she becomes a notary and she earns such big amounts of money in one year.

In 2014, another surprise is revealed. Alaundin Malaj’s wife sells the apartment her father-in-law gave to her for 120,000 euros. She says she also sold a villa in Kavaja for 150 thousand euros. But it is not known where this villa came from, as it had not been declared before. Even in this case the law enforcement authorities remain silent. But during this year, she had given a loan worth 250,000 euros, but it is not known where she took the money from. Later, Alaundin Malaj’s assets take on another dimension. His wife points out that by giving a 59.7 m2 store for rent in Vlora ​​, she won 24 thousand Euros within the year. It is strange what was the interest in paying 24,000 euros a year for a 59.7 m2 shop, when this person could buy the entire shop for three years’ rent. Furthermore, his wife sets up a company in Kosovo to launder the money, this time away from the attention of Albanian authorities and the media. It is time when the justice reform is in the horizon. For the activity of Malaj couple in Kosovo and the laundered money there we will talk in the next article. That’s it for today.

Alaudin Malaj’s assets year after year; the paradoxes and the gifts


50% Owner of a 106 m2apartment, worth ALL 7 800 000. (2003)

Mercedes Benz 16 thousand euros. (2004)

Rent from apartment USD 8 100. (2005)

Apartment in Durrës, worth 21 thousand euros (2008)

Sold apartment in Durrës, 31 thousand euros (2009)

His wife, incomes from dividends worth ALL 3 600 000 as a 40% shareholder at Algan ltd (2009)

Wife, incomes from dividends ALL 2 667 712(2010)

Apartment bought for 100 000 euros (2010)

Apartment bought for 35 000 euros (2010)

His wife, loan in the name of Algan, worth 250 thousand euros (2010)

His wife, dividends worth ALL 2 943 145 as a shareholder (2011)

Mercedes Benz bought for 53 thousand euros (2011)

His wife, incomes from dividends worth ALL 2 940 000 (2012)

His wife, selling a car for 60 000 euros (2012)

Selling a BMW for 19 000 euros, earning 9000 euros (2012)

122 m2 apartment in Tirana, a gift to his wife from her father-in-law (2012)

96.6 m2 apartment in Tirana, a gift to his wife from her father-in-law (2012)

His wife, incomes as a notary, ALL 19 254 460(2013)

His wife, incomes from the rent, 7 020 euros (2013)

His wife, incomes from the rent, 219 600 euros (2013)

His wife, incomes from the rent, 7 560 euros (2013)

Other assets of Alaundin Malaj and his wife


His wife, incomes as a notary ALL 8 317 683.Incomes from the rent 5 400 euros, 7 560 euros and ALL 194 400.

His wife, incomes from selling 122 m2 apartmentin Tirana, 120 000 euros.

His wife, incomes from the selling the villa in Kavaja 150 000 euros.

His wife, account balance 9 786 euros, ALL 141 439, ALL 73 405, 60 330 euros, ALL 73 405 andALL 109 318

His wife, loan contract, financial outstanding liability worth 250 000 euros.

His wife, Mrs. Edlira Malaj, incomes from private activity “Notarial Service” ALL10 492 320

His wife, incomes from ‘Rigers” company ltd, net profit worth ALL 2 596 973

Income amounting to 60,000 euros from a citizen as a difference for buying a flat.

Cash balance, ALL 1 200 000 less due to travelling abroad.

Bank account balance, an additional 4 729 euros

His wife, deposit balance, 60 366 euros.

The apartment used as a notarial office is an asset reflected in the balance sheet of the “Notary” company.

His wife, loan to the Kosovo business company in the amount of 150 000 euros.

His wife, the capital of the company in Kosovo started with 1 000 euros in 2014.

His wife, account balance, 340 700 euros less.

A loan is settled to a citizen in the amount of 7 000 euros.

Alaudin Malaj salary income, ALL 1 429 659.

Net income from participation in ZABGJ, ALL 10 696.

Incomes from the rent of an apartment in Tirana, 10 200 euro.

His wife, Mrs. Edlira Malaj, incomes from private activity as a notary, ALL 14 955 430 or about USD 140 thousand.

Edlira Malaj, rental incomes of a. 96 m2 apartment in Tirana, 3 000 euros.

His wife, Mrs. Edlira Malaj, rental income from the rent of the 59.7 m2 store in Vlora, 24 000 euros

Account balance at a second level bank, an additional 1 488.1 euros, 6 799.69 euros balance.

Loan received on 29.06.2011 in the amount of 100 000 euros, the outstanding liability – 68 500.96 euros.

Credit card at a second level bank, 5,000 euros.

His wife, Mrs. Edlira Malaj, account balance at a second level bank, an additional 15 905.16 euros, balance – 43 442 euro.

His wife, account balance – ALL 1 098 614.

His wife, Mrs. Edlira Malaj, a contract for buying a 59.7 m2 store worth ALL 7 200 000.

His wife, personal account balance, an additional ALL 780,000.


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