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Why relinquishment of the opposition’s mandates is not the worst!

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In a democratic state, a parliamentary republic, as the Albania’s official status describes, the respect for the mandates is certainly the least its deputies can do. So, not surprisingly, Mr. Fleckenstein does not understand the opposition relinquishing the mandates.

People like Mr. Fleckenstein and his colleagues, however experienced in politics, cannot grasp the communist-schizo-retarded perversity of a man like Edi Rama, who can give up only through violence.
Although the term seems pejorative, this is not the aim for using it and it is actually realistic.
Edi Rama has lots of good differences from his predecessors, who were neither less communists nor less psychopaths; on the contrary, some of them were even more criminals than him.

We are even convinced that Edi Rama may have his own way of wishing Albania to be a better country. But how?

How can it be a better country? Being a 100% psychopath stops him from sharing his power with people wiser than himself; rather he haspeople around him who are empty-headed and obsequious, the only ones who comfort his paranoia. Not that Edi Rama is an ignorant. He is a very articulate and is distinguished for his great talent in using the word. But his problem is when he finishes his reading on the problems and it comes to the solution.

Edi Rama lacks the abilities to express himself in a cognitive-logistic manner. When it comes to calculations he fails and being incapable of calculations means being incapable of making right decisions, especially when it comes to running the state where there are endless data to be processed in order to get the good result.

Now it is clear to everyone that these decisions are not only his weak point, but he even postpones them as much as he can, by leaving them to the fate or to the first liar who gives the best solution for the “pocket” of power. Power comes first, the second, and the third to Edi Rama, then the other things come.

Just imagine where in the list belong the efficient use and the maintenance of budget assets, the priorities and the strategies that need to be chosen to increase the trust and the return to the government’s and the citizen’s pockets. Or when he has to get together his team of associates to run the state, the way he empathizes with them when he assigns their tasks and the tools which he uses for a realistic feedback.

What kind of motivation does he use to encourage his ancillaries, in addition to his abusive speech and servility?

In a nutshell, can anyone even try to imagine the importance Edi Rama gives to doing real deeds, in addition to theft and abuse?

Fleckenstein and co, dear readers, do not even care about all these and they don’t have to.

They can understand that Edi Rama’s ego is “sick”, that today he has the power and does not even consider of giving up on it. Who is willing to die and not accept his failure, but who like felines, which distract their prey before taking its life, he chooses his words, gestures, manners to get away with it even in the most critical situations.

Who chooses idiots, criminals, prisoners, latifundists of hashish, thieves and those who are servile to run the state, but this does not matter much for Fleckenstein, because to him this is who Albanians are, more or less. He can’t know that Edi Rama choses the worst of the government from his “catalogue” and that there are really wiser and more honest people in Albania than these evildoers. He can’t understand that Edi Rama is frightened by the wise people, and that is why he is specialized in selecting the most stupid colleagues that he initially sells as important people, uses them to sign, to steal, to fawn and in the end declares them guilty just to get away with this challenge, which he considers as the greatest achievement of his government. He is convinced that this is Albania we want and will not stop until Albania is totally burnt out.

Then Fleckenstein will certainly be aware of it, but there will be no more people in this country, having in mind that every 13 minutes an Albanian leaves the country. A figure as much alarming as Edi Rama’s leadership.

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